Hellbound With You
458 The Long Lost Tale Part IV
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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458 The Long Lost Tale Part IV

Abigail walked closer to the sleeping figures. She couldn't explain what she felt as she looked at them. She didn't know what was going on. She attempted to touch them but her hand just went through them. Her body didn't have any substance to it. She wished she could speak to them, or at least to this younger version of herself. Was the girl really her? She still found it hard to believe.

She could tell from the style of their clothes and the way their houses were built that she had been drawn back into the past, way, way, way back in the past - she had watched many old era movies.

She was sure that what she was seeing weren't her forgotten memories because when she was this young, Abi spent most of her days at the hospital after her diagnosis. So these really weren't her memories at all. But… How was Alex here?

Abi tugged her hair in frustration and her eyes fell on the young Alex's face. His face looked more human compared to her husband's face now, as if this Alex was his human version. He also looked vulnerable and pretty darn cute in her eyes. Even in this life, she still couldn't help but admire her husband's handsome features. She felt so giddy that she wanted to pinch his cheek.

But the longer Abi stared at him, a realization finally dawned to her. She remembered the story Alex had told her before. About the outcast prince. Were these memories of Alex before he became immortal?

Abi gasped. It seemed pretty logical, but then, why was her younger self here? How? Was this girl actually someone else?

Questions just kept piling up. Abi recalled the story Alex had told her but none of those things he said helped her answer any of her questions. She remembered that he had told her that the prince was ruthless but he never mentioned meeting a girl that looked like her.

Abi could only crouch down beside the bed. It seemed all she could do now was wait and see how things unfolded. She knew there must be a reason why she was seeing all this so all she could do now was wait patiently for the story to continue.

By the time Abi lifted her face again, the sunlight had already painted the morning sky. Sounds of chirping birds could be heard. She looked around and the young Abigail was no longer inside the small house.

Her eyes fell on the still sleeping young Alex. His complexion was a lot better than the night before. That girl seemed really skilled in the art of healing because Alex's wound had already healed.

The young man woke up groggily, looked around and then looked down at his body. His wounds were gone.

"You're awake!" The young Abigail emerged from the door, holding a small bowl. Her smile was bright as she approached him.

"Here, have some of this soup. This will help to remove all the remaining poison left in your body," young Abigail said as she offered him the bowl, her eyes glimmering like the clearest lake in existence.

The young man just stared at her and didn't accept the bowl. The girl blinked at him and when he still didn't move, she slowly put the bowl down on top of the small table next to her.

"I guess I need to introduce myself fir –"

Before the girl could finish her sentence, the young man pinned her down on the bed, his eyes turning slightly red.

"Where am I?" he asked with an authoritative tone.

"My house," she replied, fearless.

"So you, a human girl, actually brought a vampire like me home and even cured my wounds?" he said, his tone incredulous and his eyes burning as he questioned the obvious.

"Yes. Is there a problem with me doing that?" Abigail rebutted, lifting her chin a little in a show of defiance.

Her innocent eyes made him bite his lips but the next second, a wicked smirk flashed on his face.

"What a little naïve rabbit…" he whispered as he brushed her hair away from her neck. "Next time, don't ever try picking up a wolf and bringing it home, okay?" he added as his fangs lengthened.

He moved to bite her neck but...

"Your heart… it's beating so fast and loud," she suddenly said. She didn't even look scared at all, not even a little. And what she said made the young man's eyes stretch. "Is this your first time biting a human?" she innocently asked.

"Of course not."

"Then why are you so nervous? Is it because you don't really want to bite me?"

"Who said I'm nervous?!"

The girl stretched her hand and placed it on his chest. "Don't lie. I can hear it clearly. Your heartbeats are messed up. Look, it even skipped a beat!"

The young man's ears flushed red and he suddenly jumped off the bed.

"Are you a witch disguised as human?" he asked as he backed off, grabbing his sword.

The girl sat up and shook her head innocently.

"No. I'm human. I'm not a half-blood like you."

The young Alex didn't seem to be pleased hearing her call him a 'half-blood' and his lips twitched. He turned and without a word, he stepped out of the room.

"Hey, wait!" The young girl chased after him.

However, the moment he set foot outside the small house and his eyes fell on the black hills before him, he stopped, frozen on the spot.

"This… t-this is the black hills?" he stammered as he looked at her.


"And… you live here?"

She nodded.

"All alone?"

"Hmm… I have company," she answered and then she stared up at the black hills before them.

The young man looked at her like he just realized something terrifying.

"Don't tell me… you're living with a dragon," he uttered, eyes filled with disbelief.

The young Abigail stared into his eyes and smiled brightly.

"That's right!"


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    《Hellbound With You》