Hellbound With You
480 The Long Lost Tale Part XXVI
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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480 The Long Lost Tale Part XXVI

Dinah's smile faded in the darkness at Abigail's words. She had hoped that she had it wrong, that the Abigail Alexander loved wasn't this same girl that was sitting next to her. But there it was, her proof. And now, there was no going back.

That night, the two girls went to bed. Abi slept peacefully with a small smile on her face, while Dinah lay awake in the darkness, her mind churning with many different ways to execute her plan.

It was after midnight when Dinah got out of bed and approached Abigail's sleeping figure. She carefully sat on the bed and her hand went to touch Abigail's cheek. However, a thin layer of mist suddenly appeared around her and Dinah immediately retracted her hand and left her room in a hurry. Luckily, the mist disappeared and didn't follow her.

Her heart raced inside her chest as the adrenaline flowed through her veins. It seemed that Abi still had her powers after all. Dinah went back to her bed and waited for her heartbeat to go back to normal again before she, too, fell asleep.

The next morning, Abi went to the river again to catch more fish, leaving Zeres and Dinah sitting on the bench, watching her.

Dinah didn't waste any time and immediately started the first phase of her plan.

"Zeres, I know we haven't known each other long but… I can tell that you like my sister. Have you told her how you feel?"

Zeres looked at her with serious, intense eyes. "Let's not play these games, Dinah. Your goal is to get him, isn't it? So what are you doing here?"

Dinah was slightly taken aback. She never thought that this witch would call her out like this. Before she could form a reply, Zeres leaned in closer, his gaze sharp and clear.

"Don't even think about harming her. Whatever your plan is, leave her out of it or I will hunt you down and make your life a living hell," Zeres threatened.

Zeres had seen this woman with Alex and his army. He had seen how obsessed this woman was with Alexander and the moment that she directed her attention to Abigail, he was instantly suspicious, so he kept an eye on her and, of course, on Abigail.

Dinah couldn't believe the turn of events. She thought she could manipulate this young man into doing her bidding but it appeared she was wrong. Dinah swallowed and just nodded. She would have to find another way.

Dinah now knew that her movements were being watched so she had to tread carefully. Her thoughts were in chaos but after a while, another plan formed in her mind.

After lunch, Dinah announced that she would be leaving that afternoon. She said to Abi that she needed to get back to the family to bring them news of her and that they were expecting her back soon.

Abi was devastated but she understood. In the end, Abi was just glad that she got to spend some time with her sister and that her family was doing well.

Meanwhile, Alexander and his legion, composed mainly of strong, able-bodied humans, were close to reaching their final destination. They were only about a day's march from entering the city gates. His army marched following their legendary leader, excited about their next conquest.

Seeing such a huge army made everybody in Ashteria tremble. Even the vampires felt shivers run down their spine as they watched them marching towards their city. Alexander, the half-blood prince, was leading such a huge army and he looked ever so majestic.

All the towns and villages they passed by stared in awe and they found themselves bowing to him as if he was their one and only ruler, already submitting to him.

The vampires looked down in awe and a small feeling of fear crept into their beings. Even the superior vampires knew that they wouldn't stand a chance against this wave of soldiers. Even though they were stronger than humans, they didn't have nearly as many soldiers. If a battle broke out, they would take down many but they would eventually be swallowed down by their sheer number.

Nobody knew the purpose behind this army, except for the select few that were present in the king's chamber that day, and the clueless vampires could only think that this was some kind of invasion and that this could spell the end of the rule of the pure blooded royals. They all thought that this was definitely a rebellion of this half-blood prince against his own family and they didn't know why but they already felt like they had lost the war before it had even begun.

However, in the palace, everyone was strangely calm.

Alexander halted his march when they were half a day's march to the city gates. He stopped his march because something felt odd. The complete absence of any movement from the royal family and their army was unexpected.

Were they going to surrender just like that? Alex shook his head. No, that couldn't be right. His father, that stubborn old, heartless man, would never surrender without a fight. He would rather die than do that. Alex knew that if the king gathered all the vampires within the city, including women and children, the odds would be more even and the outcome of the fight would be anyone's guess, but despite that, he was still confident that he would be the victor because he was fighting for love, for her.

Alex was wary of the king and his cunning ways so a day ago, he had sent two of his best men ahead to spy on the palace. He had expected them to be back by now but even now, there was still no sign of them.

Alex wondered what happened to his men. He thought that they must have been captured which made him even more wary and determined to proceed because that meant that the vampires were definitely going to fight back.

So at dawn, they continued their advance.

However, what welcomed them at the city's gate was Lexus, the last dragon.


[I think this tale might end in two days. So by Monday, we'll be back to present.

Thank u for your patience. ^^]

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    《Hellbound With You》