Hellbound With You
489 What else she can do*
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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489 What else she can do*

In the living room, everyone was silent as they listened to Abigail. They all looked utterly serious. The revelations they heard were too much; it was simply mind boggling. Who would have thought that all this was far more complicated than they thought? Who would have thought that Abigail was actually the reincarnated dragon keeper?

"I believe that Dinah is that woman who looked like my mother. I saw that her face is still burned when she woke up inside that crystal-cave," Abigail said, looking down.

"Might be a plastic surgery," Alicia responded, and Abigail nodded. Although Alicia knew that plastic surgery wasn't the only way for that Dinah to acquire Abigail's mom's face, Alicia didn't mention those other possibilities anymore. "And… the man that Zeke was talking about last night should be… the half-witch Zeres…" she continued.

Abi and Alex just fell silent. They both knew that Zeres was never a traitor. He was just another victim of manipulation back then. And he was the one who saved Alex, even sacrificing his life. Abi and Alex both believe that there was no way Zeres was behind Dinah. But then, if Zeres lost his memory like Alex, that would be a different story.

"I think Zeres might have lost his memories as well. That's why he was backing Dinah," Abi broke the silence.

"But Dinah didn't?" Alex promptly asked, intrigued and perturbed.

Alex and Abi's eyes met. They both knew that Dinah knew them. Abigail would never forget how Dinah looked and spoke to Alex back inside that Ziggurat. There was no doubt that she remembered Alex.

Looking at their puzzled expression, Alicia piped in. "We still don't know if Zeke's theory is really on point. Maybe, the half-witch has nothing to do with Dinah's doing at all."

Abi immediately nodded. "That's right. Maybe Zeres don't really have anything to do with what Dinah is doing right now, Alex," she said, looking at Alex with a relieved expression.

However, Alex's face remained blank, and he didn't react. He just silently listened as if some other serious matter was occupying his mind.

After their talk, the group then traveled back to country V. They decided to go back because that was Zeke's order before he left them last night. All of them didn't protest because they knew that it would be bad if they create any mess in this country. They had to be somewhere secluded in case a battle broke out again.

Once they arrived, Abi, Alex, and Kai boarded the same car while Alicia, Raven, and his men boarded another. Alicia was going back to the Black Forest for the previous queen's funeral. Abi wanted to go with her, but Alicia refused her. All of them knew that Abigail was the last person they would want to put in any danger now. And besides, Abigail had something much more important to do right now, while the storm wasn't there yet.

With a sad expression, Abi watched the other car through the window as it headed in a different direction. She sighed in regret when Alex's hand landed on her head and gently pulled her to him. He kissed her head and rubbed her back, coaxing her.

That was enough to make Abi felt a little better.

Upon arriving at the castle, Abi's attention fell on Kai as they walked on the corridor. She didn't have any time to ask Kai about Kelly because of all the serious topics they had to talk about since last night.

"Kai, did Kelly went back home?" she asked him.

For a fraction of a second, Kai's face turned a little indifferent. He peeked sideways at her as he responded. "I sent her back home before I came to Frost Town. She's alright, don't worry. Your friend Chris is also back in your country."

Abi was relieved hearing that her two friends were alright. With all these things happening, Abi decided not to go and check on them. She didn't even drop by to check on her family because she was scared that she would only bring trouble to them. She decided that she will not go back and see them until she was certain that the danger was gone.

"I am glad to hear that, Kai. Thank you for taking care of Kelly," she smiled at him.

A small and quick smile just touched Kai's lips, causing Abi to frown a little. It was apparent that there was something wrong with Kai. This guy wasn't talkative, but since last night, Kai barely talked. And he was obviously acting a little strange when she brought up Kelly. What happened? Did something happen between them?

Curious and a little worried, Abi was about to ask again, but Kai seemed to have sensed that she would ask for more, so he swiftly excused himself and walked away.

Abi could only blink as she watched him disappear. It seemed she had to call Kelly as soon as she could.

However, that day, as soon as they arrived in Alex's room and got changed, Alex didn't waste a moment and immediately brought her to the forest near the castle.

"Okay, it's time to check." He said as he put her down on the ground, in the middle of the towering birch trees.

"Check? Check what?" she asked, curious.

"Check if the mist is still protecting you." He answered, causing Abigail to blink at him. "Remember when I found you all alone in the forest in Frost Town? I am certain that the mist had protected you that night when I left you alone in the glasshouse."

She frowned at him. "I didn't see any mist that night."

"I saw. You were surrounded by mists, and there were dead bodies around you."

Abi's eyes widened.

This morning, Alicia said that aside from being the only one who could kill all immortals who drunk the dragon's blood, there might still be more power that Abi possessed as the reincarnated last dragon keeper. That's why she asked Alex to try to find out if she still had those abilities and also find out what else she can do.


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    《Hellbound With You》