Hellbound With You
505 Unease*
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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505 Unease*

Lying in bed, Alex spooned Abi and planted a soft kiss on her forehead.

"Sleep. You need a rest," he whispered.

Abi turned to face him. Riev had told them that Ezekiel had signaled an attack to Dinah's hiding place tomorrow evening. But as expected, Zeke didn't give them any other information, causing Abi to feel worried because Ezekiel was doing it again. He was luring them into the enemy's lair without telling them anything. Even though Zeke's plan deemed successful last time and their group only suffered a minimal casualty, would that work again this time? Was it really alright for them to put all their trust in Ezekiel's plan again? What if…

The unease that kept weighing Abi's heart refused to leave her, and Alex seemed to notice it already. He ran his fingers through the strands of her hair and tucked them behind her ears.

"It seemed your all-day training didn't tire you out, my wife. You've become much stronger." He said, looking at her with proud eyes. "You used to fall asleep so easily when you're tired. Could it be that…" the corner of his lips pulled up, and a mischievous yet sexy glint flashed in his dark eyes. "I believe what you need is exercise."

Speechless, Abi reached out and pinched his cheek. She was about to speak when her knee touched something hard as she moved. With widened eyes, she peered up at him, and he bit his lips. She thought Alex was simply trying to distract her from her thoughts and was just trying to calm her so she could finally sleep, but it seemed she was partly wrong.

"It seemed, I'm not really the one who's in dire need of an exercise," she told him, raising a brow.

"Your fault, wife," he added before he swiftly moved on top of her. He gazed down at her, his gaze now filled with a seemingly unquenchable desire. "I was trying to behave because I thought the training had been tough for you, but…" he trailed off as he caressed her cheek with the back of his fingers. "But here you are, looking like you're not tired at all."

Now that he mentioned it, Abi did feel tougher than before. Despite the entire day of training, she didn't feel weak or drained at all. Aside from controlling the mists, Alex also taught her some necessary skills in fighting with a sword. 

"And it's been a while since we last did it, Abigail." His kisses began to land softly on her skin. "I missed being inside you," he whispered with a hoarse voice as his warm hands already started roaming around under her nightgown. "Don't you miss me inside you, my wife?"

Abi still couldn't help but blush whenever he started to talk like this. "No." she lied.

But Alex's lips curved up, and his one hand cupped her face. His warm lips devoured hers until the only thing that could be heard inside the room was the smacking sounds of kissing and their heavy breaths. They shared a rough and passionate kiss, and before Abi knew it, her heart and mind were momentarily freed from her worries.

When their lips parted, Alex's was flashing his glorious smirk at her. "You're already soaked, my wife, and you actually said you don't miss me inside you?" he asked as his hand touched her down there. How could he look even sexier when he was this mischievous?

"Tell me, Abigail, do you really don't miss me inside you?" He asked again, as his skilled fingers and lips worked their magic, making her body finally felt weak.

"Mmm… Alex," she uttered as his continued fingers stimulating her insides. Her entire body heated up.

"Hmm? What is it, my wife?" he slowed down, not giving her the release that she so wanted. When Abi didn't speak, he pulled out his fingers and licked them as he gazed down at her.

Abi so wanted to pull him now and pin him down on the bed, but her body already weakened, and she felt like her bones had turned into jellies. So she could only give in and let him hear what he wanted. "I want you, Alex, inside me…"

A triumphant smile colored his face, and without wasting a moment, he entered her wet insides, slowly at first before he moved faster and faster. He was rough, as though he couldn't get enough of her.

Shifting a little more weight down, Alex trusted in deeper into her, causing him to grunt in pleasure as Abi's insides squeezed and clenched on him.

As the moonlight peeked through the windows, the couple continued drowning themselves in another passionate and intense lovemaking until Abi finally closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Alex climbed off the bed after covering Abi with the warm blanket. He stared at his wife's face and then kissed her forehead as he gazed down at her. He was glad that she finally fell asleep because he would worry if she won't be in her best state tomorrow.

He then stood and walked towards the window and stared at the darkness outside. The unease he had been trying so hard to ignore was back again, and he wondered if this was the same feelings that were boggling his wife. He tried to calm himself, but it was not working.

Alex couldn't stop himself from wanting to take Abi away and ran away to a place no one could find. He could swear to protect her with all he had. He would be willing to give up everything for her, even his life. But he had two immortals to deal with. What if that woman will go after his wife while he was occupied with Zeres? Even though Alicia and the others would be there for her, and even if Abi now had a powerful weapon up her sleeve, was that enough to keep her safe?

For the first time in millenniums, Alex tried to think about strategies again. Countless strategies formed in his head as he tried to simulate the best way for him to fight while making sure that Abigail would be safe.

He didn't even notice how long he's been standing in that very same spot until he saw that colors began to appear on the horizon. He had come up with few best solutions, but his heart still remained ill at ease because that image of his young self holding Abigail's lifeless body kept popping in his head. As though he was having a nightmare even when he was awake.

"Alex!!!" in the middle of his deep thoughts, Abi's voice suddenly echoed inside the room, jolting him. 

Alex immediately turned and saw his wife already sitting on the bed.

"Abigail, I'm here." He said as he quickly approached her. "Are you okay?" he asked when he noticed her heavy sweats and awful expression.

With a narrowed and worried look in his eyes, Alex's hugged her, gently rubbing her back to help her calm down. Once Abi's heavy breaths slowly calmed down, Alex pulled away and stared into her eyes. "Another nightmare? Tell me, what did you see this time?"

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    《Hellbound With You》