Hellbound With You
534 Only hope*
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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534 Only hope*

Alex continued dodging Dinahs ferocious attacks. With Abi in his arms, Alex could do nothing but dodge, making sure that Dinahs fire will never touch his wife.

"Alex!" Abi called him, but Alex couldnt even look at his wife. He cant afford to get distracted even for a moment. He wouldnt mind playing with the dragons fire, but it was completely different when his wife was in his arms. He cant be reckless anymore. He cant even attack.

"Im listening." He could only reply, his gaze burning as his focus remained fixated on the dragons attacks.

"Zekes speaking with me!" Abi told him, and Alex hissed under his breath.

"Zeke? Where the f.u.c.k is he?" he cursed, frustration evident in his voice. "What is he saying?" he then asked as he dodged another fireball, causing Abi to yelp in surprise because of Alexs sudden and utterly fast movement.

But she quickly gathered her wits, and her grip on Alex tightened as she spoke. "He said he found an exit!"


"He said I must order Zeres to break the ceiling to make a hole."

She saw Alexs brows creased. "We cant do that!" he said as he dodged another series of attacks. "The cavern will collapse and bury everyone if Zeres break it by force. The ceiling is thick! And we cant let that woman get out of this abyss, or itll be harder to restrain her." Alex explained. Abi looked down and saw that the abyss was slowly being devoured by nothing but fire.

And she could see their comrades still down there. There was no escape for them. Vampires dont have wings to fly. They could leap, but the ceiling was too high, and they were all battered and weakened to their knees.

"He said its okay," Abi answered. "He said theres an ideal spot at the left side of the ceiling that Zeres could break. He said the ceiling wouldnt collapse if Zeres will go for that spot. Its that spot where his voice is coming from." Abi pointed not at the center of the ceiling but the ceilings far left side.

Alex had just glanced at where Abi was pointing when Dinah almost got them with her massive wings.

"F*ck." Alex cursed. Knowing that they had no choice, Alex could only agree before even seeing the spot Abi was talking about. "Okay, call Zeres now!"

With Alexs approval, Abi didnt hesitate anymore and she closed her eyes. It didnt take long for her to be able to speak with the dragon. And while speaking with Zeres, Abi heard Alicias voice. Shes alive!

A moment later, Zeres emerged from the burning cavern. Abigail never heard Zeres voice, but the dragon was listening to her call without hesitation.

Hurry, Zeres our comrades are dying we need to get them out of this place Alicia too she pleaded, and as she opened her eyes, she saw the black dragon catapulted to the ceiling at an almost impossible speed.

The cavern shook, and a hole finally appeared in the ceiling. Zeke was right. The roof of the massive cave didnt collapse despite the impact.

Dinahs attention was pulled towards the hole in the ceiling, and a deafening roar filled the vast abyss. The she-dragon seemed to immediately realize their plan and her bloodshot eyes glared at Abigail with an even more intense bloodl.u.s.t. She looked at Abi as if she was telling her that she will never let Abi leave the abyss alive.

Zeres, on the other hand, immediately flew back to the cavern. He landed before Alicia and tried to pick her with his claw when Alicia looked up at him with pleading eyes.

"Lets take Riev out of here too, Zeres. Please." She begged. "This is all I could do for him. Please, Zeres. I want to give him a proper resting place. Lets not leave him here. Please."

Alicia didnt know if the dragon could even hear her, but she begged anyway. She couldnt bear leaving Rievs body in this inferno.

"Please. I cant leave him here. This is all I could do for him" she continued, and before she could even finish her sentence, Zeres moved and picked Rievs body as well before he flew out of the cavern towards the hole in the ceiling.

Dinah was too occupied with Alex and Abi that she ignored Zeres flying towards the hole. Her fire intensified. She was trying to block Alex from approaching the ceiling as she continued raining endless fire.

A little bit more and the vampires on the abyss floor would soon get burnt to death. There was no more place left for them to hide. Everything was about to be melted by Dinahs fire. Seeing their comrades below, Abi looked at Alex. She knew she couldnt disturb him, but there was no way shed let their friends die like this.

"Alex! Kai and the others are still there!" Abi told him but Alex could only curse.

"I know." He replied. He could see that the situation was getting hopeless for the vampires that were trapped on the abyss floor. He couldnt save them because he had to save his wife first. It would be too late even if he returns for them as fast as he could. Their only hope now was Zeres, but they needed a little bit more time, and they had to distract this mad woman because Alex could tell that she will definitely refuse to let anyone leave the abyss alive. She will rain more fire and finally burn everyone once she saw that Zeres was going to transport everyone out of the abyss. That was why they needed something to keep her occupied while Zeres pick the others. They had to attack her. But how?

"But Alex "

Abis words were cut because of Alexs sharp and unexpected shift. Her eyes caught sight of the hole at the ceiling, and Abis eyes widened.

"Mists!" she yelled. Now that there was a hole in this abyss, Alex could now control the wind to bring her the mists she needed. "Alex! Bring me the mists now!"


*unedited chapter
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    《Hellbound With You》