Hellbound With You
537 Lifeline
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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537 Lifeline

Zeke stood there, no longer wearing that black coat. He didnt look weakened nor hurt despite his intense fight against Alex hours ago. It seemed he was fully healed now.

Abi had so much to say and ask him but Zekes cold eyes were full of intensity. They were calm as always, but why did Abi feel like something was wrong with him?

He took a step towards her. Abi didnt know why but her heart started to race. She felt the need to step back. Why? she asked herself but Abi quickly shook her head. Why would she feel scared? Even though Abis trust in him was a little shaken when she saw how he fought against Alex hours ago, she couldnt forget that this man was Zeke, the man Alex trusted the most. They never would have gotten to this point if it wasnt for him. He was also the one who helped them out of the abyss.

But then, why was she flinching right now as he stepped closer? She could only scold herself, telling herself that this man was not an enemy.

"Zeke," Abi tried her best to meet his gaze and spoke to him calmly. "It seems Dinah cant be killed."

He didnt look surprised. "Its because shes immortal, Abigail," was his calm response, causing Abi to narrow her eyes.

"I know but I am supposed to be the one who can kill her," she argued. "And yet shes not dying even though I stabbed her heart with the blade that had my blood!"

A hint of desperation flashed in Abis eyes.

"Tell me, Zeke. Why is it not working? Why cant I kill her? Didnt it work for Alex when I stabbed him?"

Zeke finally reached her and he halted close enough to her.

"No," Zeke said. "When you stabbed Alex, it was his memories and his human body that almost died and disappeared forever. If you didnt give him your blood, hed be a full dragon by now without being able to return to his original form ever again."

Abi was speechless and confused.

"Are you saying that I turned Dinah into a dragon when I first stabbed her? Then how about Zeres? I didnt stab him but he turned into a full dragon!"

"Because Alex is different from Dinah and Zeres, Abigail. Unlike Alex, Dinah and Zeres can transform into dragons just by drinking superior blood from their race and your blade does not affect them. Their wound simply heals or regenerate very slowly."

Confusion clouded Abis eyes. "That that doesnt make sense. I dont understand "

Suddenly, Ezekiel leaned in on her. "I know. But you dont need to understand everything now, Abigail. Besides, we dont have the luxury to care about the reasons behind what is happening to you and the dragons and why things arent working because right now, we have a bigger problem. We need to think about how to kill the dragon. We cant let the world know about them."

He was right. All this time, they really didnt have exact answers. Most of their knowledge were only based on theories and logic since the beginning theories and logic that were soon proven correct or wrong. There was nobody who could really explain the exact truth about everything and she understood that.

"But how?" Abi asked. "How are we going to kill Dinah?"

Her eyes wandered around before she looked at him and when she did, she saw his frightening dark eyes glaring with such intensity that she couldnt help but swallow as she opened her mouth. "Tell me, you know how to do it, right?"

The man just stared at her. His eyes seemed to gleam with a baleful fire but his stoic face remained as unchangeable as marble.

Zeke stepped even closer to her. For the first time in a long time, Abi felt genuinely terrified of this man. "Youre right. There is a way to end all this. And theres no other choice."

She felt her throat run dry.

And then the earth shook, stronger than ever that Abi almost fell to the ground if Zeke hadnt caught her.

The earth before them was blasted into pieces as the two dragons catapulted into the sky. The earth crumbled, creating a large crater.

Everyone looked up. One of the dragons stayed in the air while one fell back, falling like a fireless asteroid. It was Dinah. Someone was attacking her as she fell. They couldnt see him because he was a blur, but they knew it was none other than Alexander. The she-dragon was utterly unmatched and they couldnt believe it.

The next second, the earth shook again and when the dust settled, the she-dragon could be seen lying on the ground, seemingly half-dead as Alex stood on top of its body.

"A-alex defeated her!" Abi exclaimed, stuttering.

"Shes not dead. No matter how powerful Alexander is, she cant die. This war will never end. Shell rise again soon, you know that."

The hope in Abigails eyes faded and as she met Zekes gaze again, her body and soul seemed to freeze. He leaned in closer and whispered in her ear.

"This is the only way, Abigail," he whispered and before Abi could register what he did, she felt a sharp pain coming from her abdomen as blood started to flow from the corner of her lips. Zekes blade pierced her body with one swift movement, so fast that no one saw his hand move. There wasnt even time for her to flinch.

"W-why?" was all Abi could utter.

"Because we need all the dragons to die. These dragons lifeline is you, Abigail." Ezekiel answered. "All of you arent suppose to exist in this world. You and your dragons dont belong in this world anymore so I have to do this. Youre the sole reason why the dragons rose from the dead and that is why they will only die once you die."

As Zeke said those words, Abis eyes looked straight ahead and she saw Alex.

He was there, now looking at her. His triumphant and devious smile slowly faded as his eyes followed the trail of blood dripping down her body.

"A-alex" she whispered and tears flowed silently from the corner of her eyes as their gazes locked on each other.


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