Hellbound With You
538 His hear
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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538 His hear

Ezekiel pulled the sword out of Abigail the sword once bright and gleaming now coated deep red with lifeblood. Alexander could see it clearly – the blood-soaked sword Zeke pulled out of her.

Alexs eyes were like two bright suns that were suddenly swallowed by darkness. His heart shook violently within him, his frame trembling as his mind was still partially registering what his eyes were looking at.

His feet moved and he ran. Fast as he could as his Abigail staggered backwards, clutching her wound, about to fall. He managed to catch her just as she was falling backwards.

"A-a-bi" Alexs lips trembled as he held her in his arms.

"A-Alex Im sorry" she uttered, and Abis breath hitched. She reached out a hand to touch his face but before it could land on his face, her arm fell to her sides as if she didnt have any more strength left in her. Her eyelids fluttered closed, shedding a tear in the corner of her eye. "I love you" came out of her lips in barely a whisper and too soon, her body became limp.

Alexs legs gave out. He crumpled to the ground, his whole body shaking. This cannot be happening. How could it be? She was just there a moment ago. He left her far above the abyss and away from the heat of the fight so nothing like this would happen to her. Everything seemed to be happening too fast, yet there was this weird lag that is affecting him causing his mind to be moving in slow-motion.

"No! No!!!" A deep, bloodcurdling scream echoed across the plateau. Without realizing that he was doing it, Alex screamed his lungs out. In just one moment, his body, heart and soul crumbled into pieces.

"Open your eyes, Abigail!!" he begged. "You cant no!!!"

He was broken, completely broken. It happened again. Why? He did everything. Why couldnt he protect her? Why did this happen again?

The world turned into pitch black hell.

The thunder roared but he could no longer hear anything.

The dragons started roaring. Zeres fell to the ground. He, too, wailed like Dinah but they wailed because of the physical, agonizing pain, as if they were being tortured by an invisible force inside out.

However, both their screams of agony were nothing compared to the roar Alex let out next. He roared the most terrifying roar anyone had ever heard it made their skin crawl. Those who were weaker felt their marrows retract and as if it dried up within them and their heartbeat became erratic and felt as if it were going to explode out of their very chest. Even the dead might tremble in fear. It was an agonizing battle cry.

Zeke who was still standing there watching them without expression, was then hit by something.

The next thing he knew; he was pinned to the ground. The impact was so strong that it created a small crater. Blood spurted out from Zekes mouth.

"Bring her back!!! Bring her back!!" Alex screamed as he hit Zeke again and again like a mad man. Bloodlust and despair were the only things that seemed to drive him. "Ill kill you!!! Bring her back!!!"

Zeke was thrown to the ground again. Alex had gone mad and he was too strong, beyond powerful, like a mindless, killing creature. He did not seem to be able to control himself, slamming Zeke into the ground over and over screaming at Zeke to bring Abigail back.

But Zeke didnt bother fighting back.

Zeke merely looked up at the sky, at the sunlight peeking through the thick gray clouds. He smirked and then laughed despite the pain the laughter brought him.

"Ah, Im tired of this," he complained, as the madman kept coming at him, breaking his bones and forcing more blood out of his body.

"Bring her back!!!" was all Alex was saying, again and again, like a broken machine.

Zeke closed his eyes. He wanted to speak. Now that his mission was done, he knew it was time for him to tell Alex everything but it seemed Alex could no longer hear him. He knew this would happen and he thought he had prepared himself well enough for this, but this man really became nothing but a monster without Abigail. And Zeke knew that no one would be able to bring this monster back to himself but Abigail herself. She was like the light to his dark. If he was hell, she was heaven. She was all things good and beautiful to balance out the bad and ugly in Alex. That was how important she is to him Abi was basically the heart to this monster they call Alex. Without his heart, he could only be reduced to being a mindless monster.

Between Zekes groans from the hits he took, a voice echoed.

"Alex!! Stop!!" the voice gently persisted but the monster didnt stop.

Zeke forced his eyes open. Blood was dripping from his lashes too. From his blood-filled vision, he saw Abigail hug Alex from behind and the mad man finally halted. He seemed to perceive something from the red haze of bloodlust clouding his mind, in that madness of him losing the only precious thing in his life.

"Stop now, Alex. Please. Im here," Abigails soothing voice begged, and Zeke could see the shock registering in Alexs face. Now that the man halted, Zeke could now see just how much of a mess Alex looked. Alex had been crying the whole time he was hitting Zeke that Zeke found it hard to believe that this man was really the Alexander he knew.

Zeke watched as Alexander trembled as his fingers finally let go of Zekes clothes which had been bunched up in his fists, causing Zeke to drop heavily on the ground. Alex turned to look at the woman behind him and like magic, just the sight of her made the monster running rampant within him instantly subside and turn into a human again. In the next moment, Alex fell to his knees, pulled Abigail into his arms, and broke down.

The half dead Zeke let out a sigh and looked up. He was truly fascinated and mystified beyond belief. How did such a fragile woman turn such a monster into an emotional man?

"Tch! Damn immortals! Get a grip of yourselves already!" Zeke complained one last time before he gave a deep, tired sigh and closed his eyes again.

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    《Hellbound With You》