Hellbound With You
556 What happened
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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556 What happened

Kyle looked around. "Just… doing some sight-seeing. It's my first time here. This place is cool. I want to go up there," he pointed at the tallest building. "But I think I can't enter."

"Why don't you just climb? That's way too easy for you to do."

Kyle shook his head. "No. I am supposed to be a human right now. I can't do something crazy and risk exposing my true identity."

Kelly gave a wry smile. Ah, so obedient. A civilized vampire prince, exactly like the man she knew.

"That building is owned by your brother though." Kelly said and as expected, the innocent cutie pie didn't even know.

"My brother… Kai?"

"No. Ezekiel."

"Oh," was all the young man said.

"But I don't know what is happening now with the empire he left. He had killed himself without announcing an heir." Kelly said. She knew that Ezekiel was alive and kicking in Country V.

"Do you want to go? I can take you there." She offered but the young man politely declined.

"I want to, but I have to leave in ten minutes. I have others with me and we're going back to our kingdom."

"I see…" Kelly nodded and after a long awkward silence, Kelly looked at him. "Kai… how is he?"

The young man met her gaze. "I'm sorry but I do not know. I haven't seen him for days now."

Kelly's brows knotted. But looking at the boy's eyes, she knew he was telling the truth. "I see…" was all Kelly uttered. "Well then, be safe on your way home. Although I am still speechless that you are roaming around alone like this. I am worried some naughty bitches might catch you."

Kyle smiled. He had such a beautiful smile like his brother. "Don't worry Miss, I won't let bitches catch me."

A short laugh echoed. "Good boy," Kelly said. "If you visit here again, just come to me. I'll be your tour guide."

The boy nodded with a pleased and warm smile, making him look even cuter.

He waved at her and then turned when Kelly called out to him a few seconds later.


The boy looked over his shoulder.

"Tell Kai… I'm getting married in five days." She said, smiling. But Kyle saw how her lips trembled as she said those words.

Kyle looked shocked but before he could say a word, Kelly climbed on her bike and left.

Kelly arrived at Alex and Abi's house later that night.

Charles had let her in and led her to the sofa by the fireplace. The ancient looking mansion was quiet, but the atmosphere was pleasant. And she knew why this large place didn't look cold and cavernous anymore. Because the couple living here was happy and in love. Their love was the sunshine warming up this ancient and quiet place.

"Kelly!" Abi's voice echoed and Kelly rose from her seat. The first thing she did was dashed towards Abi and hugged her.

Abi silently rubbed her back softly, knowing that her friend was in a dire situation. Once Kelly calmed down, she took a deep breath and saw Alexander descending the grand staircase. He was wearing a sky blue printed pyjamas that matched Abi's.

This Alexander wearing something like that was shocking but cute at the same time. And the most frustrating thing was that the man still managed to come across as wickedly good looking. Something that made Kelly wanted to roll her eyes. This couple was making her damned jealous. She imagined Kai in those pyjamas, and she bit her bottom lip. Her Kai would still look delicious in those clothes.

Pulling away from Abi, Kelly took another deep sigh.

"Kelly, what happened?" Abi asked her as she led her back to the couch. Kelly sat next to her, but her eyes looked for Alexander. The man was gone. "Do you want us to speak upstairs?"

"No, it's fine," Kelly relaxed and leaned back on the couch. "You looked and feel different now, Abi." She muttered as she looked up at the ceiling before she turned to her.

Abi was creasing her brows slightly and Kelly smiled. "You looked even prettier now," she added. "Okay, you're always beautiful but there's definitely something different now." She moved and leaned closer to Abi. "Did you turn into a vampire?"

Abi blinked. She didn't tell Kelly about the fact that she was now an immortal. Kelly didn't know that she was the reincarnated dragon keeper. Her family also don't know anything about this. Abi talked about this to Alex and they both knew that this was something that must be kept a secret to from everyone. They knew they could keep it a secret but as time went by, everyone will start to question why are they not getting older. This issue was something they must think about seriously, but Alex told Abi that there was still plenty of time for them to deal with this issue. For now, Abi decided not to tell Kelly or her family about these things.

"I think… it's because I'm pregnant." Abi shrugged. Kelly inclined her head and Abi could tell that she was considering it. After all, Kelly knew that Alex was a half vampire. "Okay, enough about me Kelly." Abi quickly changed the topic. "What happened? I know you're here for a reason. Is it… is it about Kai?"

Kelly looked away. And then, she told Abi about everything that had happened since she came back home.

Abi was shocked and angry.

"Ugh! I don't know what to do Abi." Kelly uttered helplessly. "I want to run away."

Speechless, Abi held her friend's hand. "D-does Kai knew about this?" she asked, hesitantly.

A small smile curved on Kelly's face and her eyes looked hurt. "Nope."

"Why don't you tell him, Kelly? He might –"

"Abi, Kai and I…" Kelly trailed off, biting the inside of her bottom lip. "It didn't work out."

Abi's eyes widened in disbelief.

"Huh? What do you mean? D-did Kai reject you?"

"No… but…"

"Kelly. Can you tell me what actually happened between you two? I might… I might be able to help."



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    《Hellbound With You》