Hellbound With You
571 Unlucky*
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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571 Unlucky*

Inside Kelly's apartment…

"I can't believe you're doing this kind of nonsense, Kelly!" A raging voice thundered and echoed inside the luxurious apartment as Kelly looked at her father with an utter shock etched on her face. Her father had never yelled at her so furiously like this before. Her father was always that strict and unapproachable dad to her since she was young, but he was not the type to yell so loudly when angered. This was the first time Kelly had seen him this furious, so she couldn't help but feel nervous.

"D-dad –"

"Shut up! Did you think I wouldn't find out?" he was shaking in rage that Kelly forced herself to press her lips tightly. She didn't want to infuriate him even more for fear that he might end up collapsing.

"How dare you do this. You agreed with the deal. I gave you everything you wanted and needed… everything… and this is how you repay me?!" He continued, still trembling in anger, grabbing onto his bodyguard's arm for support.

Kelly's lips parted, but no voice came out of her lips. 'Everything? Really? When did that happen?' she asked inwardly. Then she fought the urge to flash a mocking and bitter smile. The lump in her throat was getting more and more unbearable, but all she could do was dug her nails on her palm and took a deep breath to find her voice again.

"Dad…" her voice was weak and pained. "May I ask?" she looked at him with all the courage she could muster. "Are love and attention included in the 'everything' you are talking about?" her eyes became hot as those words leave her lips. But she didn't let any tears fall. "Of course, the answer is no, right?" she answered her own question, "because I don't remember you giving me any of those two. Since I was a child, all I ever receive from you were… money, money, and more money."

At that moment, some of her childhood memories flash in her head. Kelly remembered how she longed for her father's attention when she was little until she grew up. But her father was rarely home, and most of the time, he couldn't even attend his own daughter's birthday. And when he did, he would immediately leave as soon as he handed her his expensive gifts. His attention was focused entirely on his company that he barely glanced at Kelly. He had always been a cold and distant figure to Kelly because no matter how much Kelly tried, he would never give her the attention she deserved as his daughter.

Silence reigned between the father and daughter as they stared at each other until Kelly spoke again. "Of course, I am very grateful. Your money gave me a comfortable life after all. But dad, money is not my everything. I never planned to break my promise. I came back home as I promised, but dad… I can't accept Tristan. Not him, please –"

"Enough! Enough, Kelly…" the old man pinched the skin between his brows and took several deep breaths. He didn't look good. "Your mother… she's rushed in the hospital this afternoon after hearing the news from Tristan."

Kelly gasped in shock. 

"Your mother was so hurt you actually planned to get married behind her back. You know how much she dreamt about watching you walk in the aisle. You know how much she's working on this upcoming wedding of yours. But look at what you did…" he shook his head in utter disappointment.

"Dad, it's all because you gave me no choice. I knew you would never let me marry Chris. That's why I… that's why I planned to marry him first before introducing him to the both of you."

Her father acted as though he didn't hear her and just continued talking. "You actually went and searched for a man that will agree to have a contracted marriage with you. A fake husband that will agree to divorce you after a year? Do you think your mother will ever tolerate such a ridiculous thing?!"

Kelly's face went very white. How? How did they found out about all these?

As though her father had read her mind, he scowled and continued talking. "Don't you even try to deny it, Kelly. Tristan showed me a voice record of you talking to that man."

"T-tristan sent someone to spy on me? And then followed me all the way to Chris' –" Kelly couldn't even finish her statement anymore. Her knees weakened. There was no way Chris would reveal anything, much more record their conversation. Chris was a passionate actor, and he loved acting. He would never do anything that could potentially ruin his career. He would never do something like that. Kelly could only curse and curse inside her. She knew it was Tristan. She had underestimated him. She should've known since Tristan's men snatched her phone in that bar. Tristan was a man who would never let anyone beat him in his own game. He was a bastard who would do anything and everything to get what he wanted. And he wouldn't hold back at all until he gets the last laugh.

"Do not blame Tristan. He saved you from doing something idiotic, Kelly." Her father said, and Kelly almost laughed hysterically.

"Dad. You know how much I hate him. How could you force your own daughter to marry the person she hated the most in this world? I did that to save myself!"

"You are young, Kelly. And yes, you hate him now, but your hatred is just temporary. It will thaw over time, I assure you. Your mother… she too hated me before. Yet look at us now."

Kelly was at a loss for words. She couldn't believe what her father was telling her? Really? Her mother hated him? And he was using themselves as examples now? Kelly felt like her heart was going to burst.

"Believe me, Kelly. If you accept things, your viewpoint and feelings will eventually change. Give Tristan a chance. Learn to accept what's for you and whatnot. Tristan…" he shook his head before staring at Kelly with that firm and almost absolute gaze that was telling her it was futile to reason and resist. "If you won't marry Tristan, the company will collapse. While you were out there enjoying your life, when the company is struggling, Tristan came to aid me. I already gave him so much authority and power over the company. If you refuse to marry him and he will cut ties with us, the company will fall and will never recover again. So please… do this for your family, for your mother and me. Your mother is safe for now, but if you continue this nonsense, I doubt she can handle any more than this."

With that, her father turned and left, leaving Kelly staring at his back in utter helplessness. She sank to her knees as soon as the door was closed. Fury and hopelessness filler her eyes as her hands went to her head and tugged her hair.

Her lips trembled. Her heart felt like darkness was starting to corrupt it whole. Her apartment became so eerily silent as she remained on the floor, and then, she laughed – the bitterest laugh she had ever heard.

It seemed Tristan had already started his game years before. He had bewitched her parents and then drove them to the point of no return, without them even knowing.

"Oh god, Kelly. Just what did you do to become this unlucky in everything? You didn't just fall in love with a man you couldn't be with, you also have an enemy you couldn't beat? Ha.ha.ha." She trembled as she spoke to herself and laughed at herself. It was too much. Everything was too much. She felt like she was going mad.

She didn't know how long she had stayed on the floor, but she eventually rose and headed to the door. But as soon as she opened it, a huge bulky man blocked her doorway. She felt another miserable laugh knotting in her throat as she looked at the man because she knew she was now locked in her own house until her wedding day.

"I'm sorry, Miss, but you cannot leave. If you needed something, please tell me." He said, and Kelly just glanced behind him. When she saw that there were more men outside, she wordlessly retreated and shut the door closed. A bitter smirk curved on her lips, and she headed to her fridge. She didn't shed even a single tear, but she looked utterly devastated. The light in her eyes was gone as she grabbed a beer and gulped them down. She sank on the floor again and leaned against the wall as she continued drinking a bottle of alcohol in her hand.

Her eyes fell towards the opened door leading to the veranda. She could see the endless lights that lit up the cityscape below, but Kelly's eyes appreciated nothing. That moment, she looked as though she hated the world and all its inhabitants.

Time passed, but Kelly never moved from her spot. She had already emptied the bottle when her eyes caught her phone lighting up. She knew someone was calling, but she didn't want to move. It seemed she was finally drunk. All she wanted was to forget everything, even for a moment. She wanted to drown herself into nothingness until everything in her world, her emotions included, disappear.

And somehow, her world turned completely dark and quiet for what seemed to be a long time, but when a cold breeze came and touched her skin, Kelly's brows creased, and she opened her eyes. At first, she looked like she immediately regretted opening her eyes, but then, tears slowly pooled in her eyes upon seeing the figure standing by the veranda's door.


[A/N: I will start updating daily again. ]

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    《Hellbound With You》