Hellbound With You
589 Sure*
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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589 Sure*

Kelly was asleep the whole afternoon. The stress and fatigue from the previous days and then everything that happened this morning had finally made her succumb to her body's need for rest. She had wanted to chat with Abi, but after taking a shower, Kelly dozed off in Kai's bedroom and didn't wake up in the next six hours. 

It was already evening when she opened her eyes. She had joined the sweet couple for dinner, and after that, Abi and Kelly headed to the veranda overlooking the spacious backyard.

When Kelly told Abi about everything that happened, Abi hugged her and comforted her. At the same time, she was glad that Kelly had already regained her fighting spirit and was doing her best to move on from the traumatic event. She was really a strong woman. Abi had planned to tell her about Kai that night but hearing her story, Abi decided not to say anything to her anymore. She thought that it was best if she heard the news from Kai himself.

Abi was also pleased and glad for Kelly when she heard that they had finally done it. Their love had turned the impossible possible! Kai and Kelly's love conquered something everyone thought was unconquerable.

The happiness Abi felt for the couple made her want to throw a little celebration, but before Abi could call the butler to bring the wine, a commotion broke their blissful night.

Black cars had arrived at the front of the mansion. When Kelly peaked through the window from the third floor, she could already tell the men were her father's.

"They're my father's men," Kelly told Abi as Alex approached them. "I believe they've been looking for me for a while now. My father's intelligence agency is topnotch, so it's not a surprise they already know that I am here."

"So what do you wanted me to do? Shall I get rid of them?" Alex nonchalantly asked.


"Hmm…" Alex slightly tilted his head and looked at Abi. That one look was enough for Abi to tell what Alex's answer was, and of course, it's to get rid of them by force. Alex couldn't stand coaxing or negotiating with anyone. He always said he'll only do that for one person - his wife.

"You must not kill them, Alex. They're men who're only obeying someone's word." Abi said when the butler came with a little anxious look. The butler wouldn't look like that if those men were vampires because it would be easier for the master to deal with vampires than the humans. He knew that Alexander does not know how to deal with human trouble seekers. He'd definitely kill them, and prince Ezekiel was no longer here to clean up his mess.

"Alright," Alex's expression remained chill, "I will go and send them away without killing them."

Kelly and Abi then watched the man walked away, looking like an annoyed dad heading downstairs to silence and beat up, if necessary, the noisy and scandalous gangs in the street and send them home black and blue.

"Is he going to be alright? What if he lost control?" Kelly looked at Abi with worried eyes. She remembered how Kai had beaten up Tristan in what he called a 'human way,' and she couldn't help but feel uneasy. What if Alexander beat up those men that way, and along the way, he would show them his inhuman strength and even his fangs? "I think I should go and aid him. I should be able to knock a few, and someone has to remind him to fight the human way just in case…"

"It's alright, Kelly. You don't need to go. Let's stay here and wait. Alex knows what he's doing." Abi smiled, and Kelly was amazed at how calm Abi was. It was as if nothing in this world could scare her anymore. This girl really had changed a lot. She was still the soft and kind Abi, but since she returned from Country V… there were times when she felt like a completely different being.

The men outside the mansion were bulky and massive. They were part of the underground organization working with the Young family for a long time now. These men were one of the most feared because of their capabilities and notorious skills.

"If the door still won't open in five seconds, we'll break inside and take the Miss." Said the one who looked the most imposing of all. He had a large scar on his face that made his look alone terrifying.

After everyone nodded at the man's words, they all began to move closer towards the large double door.

But they halted on the steps when they heard it creaked opened.

Everyone looked as someone emerged from the large door. The man was tall but not bulky as them. He even looked so good-looking, and there was no trace of imperfection or scars on his face. At first, the men immediately thought he was one of those celebrities who were born with nothing but beauty. But the moment they looked into his smoky grey eyes, they immediately realized he was not just some beautiful man. Their instinct felt the danger around him, and they couldn't believe that one man's aura had easily overshadowed their supposedly extremely imposing presence. All of a sudden, the man felt like a giant as he stood before them. W-who was this man? Was he the ultimate boss of the most prominent underground organization in the world?

"First, I shall applaud you, men, for bravely coming here unannounced," Alex said, his voice calm but the sarcastic smirk on his face sent chills down everyone's spine. "Now tell me, what do you want? I will give you five seconds to answer."

"We're… we're here to get Miss Young." The man with a scar spoke. "Her father sent us to bring her home."

Alex craned his head. "Hmm… Miss Young, huh. She's not here."

"We know she is inside. We must take her now."

The men began to tense up, and Alex knew they were preparing to attack. 'Geez, stubborn humans,' was all he could say inside him.

"And if I insist that she's not here?"

"We will search the house."

Alex smirked again. "Oh, how bold." He commented before he raised a brow. "Sure… that's if any of you can get past me."

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    《Hellbound With You》