Hellbound With You
605 With you Part I
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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605 With you Part I

The couple quickly went to sleep after their latest round of intense exercise. When Kelly opened her eyes, it was already dark. She blinked and quietly rolled on the bed. But when she realized that she was the only one on the bed, she rose in panic, looking around for Kai.

Her eyes widened. She had always dreaded waking up when they slept together because in the few times that it had happened before, she always… always found out that he's already gone every time she wakes up.

Kelly's heart hammered inside her and she quickly climbed off the bed. Desperation and panic overwhelmed her as she scrambled out of the room to look for him. She wanted to call out his name, but her throat just would not seem to cooperate, and she could not find her voice.

After running down the stairs as if the house were on fire, Kelly immediately reached the villa's living room. Her eyes searched around and when she couldn't find him inside, her eyes flew towards the entrance door. She was about to rush out the door when a delicious aroma wafted over and tickled her nostrils.

That made her halt in her mad dash immediately as she whipped her body towards the source of the scent. Her eyes widened as she recognized and ran towards the door that she knew leads to the dining room.

She stood just inside the door, frozen, as she stood there staring as Kai was standing right there, preparing something on the table. The next second, she ran to him and slammed into him, hugging him as tightly as she could from behind.

Kai had sensed her presence just a while ago, but he was surprised at her sudden actions and the tightness of her arms around him. He could also sense the fear emanating from her trembling body. "Are you okay? What's wrong? Did you have a nightmare?" he asked, worried, as he turned to face her.

Kelly shook her head and just buried her face on his hard chest, breathing in his unique scent that helped her calm her overstrung nerves. "I thought you're gone again. I was so scared when I woke up alone on the bed." She confessed. Her voice tight and emotional.

His hands landed on her head and back and he stroked her gently. "I'm sorry for scaring you." he uttered, and he cupped her face to make her look at him. "I'm here. I will never leave you again. I'm your husband and you're my home now, Kelly."

What he said made Kelly's body finally relaxed and she kissed him. That was right… this man was hers now… completely hers now!

Kai sighed in relief when he could feel Kelly's body relaxing in his arms and her expression became better. He then made her sit and paused at the realization that his wife was wearing nothing but his shirt that he made her put on after cleaning her body. He cleared his throat and reddened before he quickly stood and brought his attention back to feeding her, knowing that she was exhausted and hungry.

While the two of them enjoyed their dinner, Kelly took pleasure in watching him, eating with him. She couldn't help but smile because of the near-magical atmosphere that his presence had created for her.

After their pleasant dinner, Kelly found herself sitting on Kai's lap. As she watched him a while ago, Kelly was entertaining the thoughts on how her husband was such a wicked appetizer. While watching him eat made Kelly think of one thing the whole time, 'when did eating became intimate?!'.

She scolded herself for being so naughty and tried reigning in her cravings but in the end, she just couldn't go against her desires. With her legs parted and straddling him, Kelly naughtily ran her fingers through his thick hair.

"When we return, what do you want to do?" she asked him a serious question despite feeling his hardness already hitting her down there.

Kai who hadn't resisted or protested with all his wife's naughtiness tilted his head. "Continue doing my duties as your husband, of course." He smiled and Kelly smiled wide as she snickered at his response. "How about you?"

"I'll do my duty as your wife, of course."

The two of chuckled and kissed each other and passion filled the atmosphere again. But Kai broke the kiss just as Kelly was beginning to rub herself against him.

"Shall we go for a walk?" Kai asked, causing Kelly to blink. But then, she ground downwards on him with increasing demand, making him groan and then smiled innocently as she pulled away again.

"Kelly… easy, my wife." he urged in amusement.

"What. You're tired? Or, you have had enough of me already?" the naughty vixen licked her lips sexily and Kai nearly stood and swept all the plates on the table aside to devour her right then and there. But he held himself back with an iron will and pinched her cheek instead.

"Do I look like I've had enough of you?"

"Hmm…" Kelly acted like she was thinking. And then, with a wicked smile, she circled her buttocks as if to provoke the raging beast that had been so eager for a while now. "At least, this beast down there knows explicitly well it still hasn't had enough."

He nodded shamelessly.

"Then why you're trying to stop me?" Kelly raised a brow.

"Because I needed to tell you something important first."

When his expression became grave, Kelly blinked and stopped grinding herself on him. Her eyes now filled with curiosity.

"Okay." Her voice was no longer erotic. "But afterwards, it's back to bed, mister."

Kai chuckled in amusement and desire. "Yes. We can do it till morning if you want."

"That's not a bad idea." She agreed with a smug smile and they laughed again.

Kai grabbed his robe and with Kelly in his arms, he leapt with her and landed on the beach.

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    《Hellbound With You》