Hellbound With You
606 With you Part II
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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606 With you Part II

"Wear this, I can't let you catch a cold." Kai attempted to drape the robe around her, but Kelly protested.

"But it's not cold."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, my love. It's not cold. You're the cold one so you wear it instead." Kelly said sarcastically and she draped the robe on him.

Afterwards, Kelly faced him and looked deeply into his eyes. "So? What is it?" she asked.

Kai stared back at her and after a short moment of silence, he took her hand and lead her closer to the water. Small waves lapped at their bare feet as they walked hand in hand along the shoreline.

They stopped and looked at the softly shining moonlight. The world was so quiet and tranquil at that moment, it felt like they were the only ones in the world. This place was truly a paradise for them.

Feeling Kai's grip tightening on her hand, Kelly dragged her gaze away from the moon and looked at her husband. He looked so handsome with his dishevelled hair and she couldn't help but tiptoe to land a deep kiss on his lips. They kissed passionately for a long time as the waves crashed at their feet and the moonlight caressed their skin. She could hear his heartbeat and the love in his kisses and touches.

When their lips parted, Kelly caught his face and bumped her forehead against his lightly. "Would you… would you still love me even when I grow old and grey?"

Her question seemed to not only surprise Kai but Kelly, herself as well. She had thought about this issue multiple times before, but she never thought she would ask him this.

The fire between them was quickly extinguished by that single question and the magic seemed to have ended and they were now back to the real world.

Kai's hands curled along her jawline and rested below her ears as he stared into her eyes and Kelly didn't know why but the look in his eyes made her heart suddenly feel suffocated.

"Kelly… you don't have to worry about that anymore." He said in a careful voice.


"About getting old and grey."

She creased her brows. Confusion hit her. Why wouldn't she worry? Could it be that he's planning to turn her to a vampire? Wait! Kelly shook her head and berated herself. She already knows that vampires aren't like the undead creatures in movies. So, turning a human into a vampire is impossible if you are not born as one.

Seeing the confusion in her eyes, Kai swallowed. "Kelly… I can grow old with you now."

"Wha – what do you mean?" Kelly's heartbeat began to speed up in turmoil. "You're a vampire. Of course, you won't grow old with me… you can't!"

"I… my lifespan has been shortened to match a human's lifespan." He finally said quietly.

Kelly shook her head slightly. "I don't understand. W-why? Why would your lifespan be shortened?"

Suddenly, Kelly remembered when she was in Abi and Alexander's mansion. She overheard the couple talking about something and they mentioned the word sacrifice. When she approached them, they stopped, and Alexander had asked her if Kai had told her about what happened to him when he left her that night in Country V.

Now that Kelly thought about it, she remembered Kai coughing out blood back then as if he was hurt. She remembered his darkened eyes. And she began to feel even more suffocated.

"Listen…" Kai struggled to stay calm, but he held her so gently but possessively and finally, he started to tell her everything. His eyes were wary and nervous as he told her what had happened to him and about the self-destruction.

Once she knew the whole story, Kai's heartbeat was beating loudly. Mainly because of the reaction he was seeing in Kelly's face.

He had never seen her look so devastated before and it pained him and scared him seeing her like this. Rigid and trembling, Kelly stared into his eyes until she was drowning in darkness. Why? She didn't know. Why? How could he sacrifice his life for her like that? How could he…

Kelly wasn't aware that she was crying until she felt like she could no longer breathe. Her knees weakened and she struggled to break free from him. But Kai didn't let go and just pulled her to his embrace. She could only weep, asking him why – over and over like a broken record. She thought they won against the world. But she was wrong. Kai had sacrificed literally everything… even his life for her…

"Why? Why…" she asked while crying as Kai held her even tighter. Trying his very best to soothe her pain.

When she didn't stop weeping, Kai kissed her desperately, ravaging her mouth with a wildness that made her quiver. Forcing her to stop her agonized weeping. When their lips parted, both of them were breathless.

"Listen… Kelly." His chest rose and fell in a long, deep breath as he held her face. His expression extremely grave. "When you left the kingdom that day, I thought I would go mad. I was there at the airport watching you from afar. I was hurt and weak and yet I felt like I'm going to die if I don't see you. I told myself that was the last I'll see you but when you were really gone…" he paused, his eyes glimmering with overflowing emotions. "When you were gone, everything turned dark for me. I tried to forget about you. I really… really tried. But I couldn't. it was impossible. There was no place I could go to feel better. No person I wanted to be with. I began to hate myself, hate my heart for beating for you alone. I came to hate everything and even ended up hating you for being a human. I was miserable. In the end… I couldn't take it anymore and I found myself crawling back to you, using every excuse I could think about.

"When we did it and I found out what had happened and that I can no longer live long… did you know what I felt?" he smiled bitterly. "I was happy, Kelly. There was never even a single iota or hint of regret. Nothing at all. I will never regret, Kelly. Because this is what I wanted. I wanted to live with you, spend the remaining time of my life with you, then grow old and die with you."

He was breathing hard after saying all those words, fully expressing his deepest feelings and Kelly could only tear up as she listened to him. She was guilty and yet she was happy and thrilled to be loved by someone this way. To be loved so strongly, more than his own life. Hearing all his words made Kelly realize that if she were in his shoes, she would have done the same and felt the same. She would rather trade everything – even her own life – to be with him.


A\\N: okay, so third volume is going to start tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed the prince and the hooligan's story. And now, lets move on to the third and last volume of this book. Please stay with me hellbounders. ❤

This third volume will be adventurous and yes it is an important part of the book. Also, if you're looking forward to Hellbound heart, you must not miss this volume. There are vital matters that will be revealed at the end of this volume about our Zeke. 

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    《Hellbound With You》