Hellbound With You
659 Its about time
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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659 Its about time

Chapter 659 - Its about time

"Get serious Alexander!" Zeres hissed as their swords clashed against each other and their faces were literally centimetres away from each other.

"Sorry to disappoint you but it seems Im having a hard time keeping up. I think this brother of yours is getting old now. Well, Im a father now after all so forgive my weak attacks." Alex grinned and shrugged noncommittally. The very next moment, Zeres foot came flying and kicked him in his sides.

Alex was tossed away and landed hard against the buildings pillar. The pillar collapsed with the impact of that hit.

Still smiling, Alex lazily leaned his head back against the debris as he looked at Zeres who had just landed before him.

Zeres eyes were already blazing gold as he pointed his sword at Alexs throat.

"Listen, Alexander." His voice now became even harder. "If you or Ezekiel fail to kill me before this day ends… if Alicia dies…" his throat worked before the look in his eyes became utterly deadly. "Im sorry but I swear, I will end the peace in this world. You know full well what an immortal can do. You did it before. I know you dont want your children to live in a ruined and chaotic world. Yes, this is a threat, Alexander. And yes, this is not an empty threat. Im sure you know that."

After saying those words, Zeres turned away and walked towards the edge of the building. His gaze fell towards the place where he had sent his minions out.

Looking at Zeres back, Alex licked the blood on his own lips. It seems he really had no choice now. Zeres was hellbent on dying and he was right, Alex knows what an immortal could do.

While Alex was rising out of the rubbles, a pair of great wings began to form on Zeres back.

It seemed Zeres realized that it was impossible for Alexander to really get serious about killing him so he would not waste his time on him anymore. He needed to take matters into his own hands.

Zeres thought that he was not doing enough. He thought that he must do something to force the universe and fates to end him.

His large and powerful wings spread apart, and he leapt off the ground from where he stood. But before he could get any farther, something struck him with considerable force from behind and he tumbled to the ground.

The earth shook upon the impact.

When Zeres looked up, he saw Alex hovering in the air above him. His own set of wings were spread out majestically as he looked down at him.

At the feel of that power and seeing the gold irises also shining in Alexs eyes, Zeres smiled wickedly. "Its about time for you to get serious." He muttered as he rose, feeling an upsurging of satisfaction in his heart.

And then the two clashed again in mid-air. Their collisions were like two fallen angels battling to the death.

More and more lightning bolts began to strike down at the now almost empty city. The rain fell even heavier and the thick and dark clouds above grumbled angrily.

At the long bridge in the eastern most part of the city however, it could be seen that the traffic was still heavy. The bridge was filled with cars from one end to the other end. After the humans crossed this bridge, the city will then be completely human-free.

Kyle and Lucas were already nearing the bridge. The numbers of the undead vampires were more than what they had anticipated. Thanks to the seemingly unnatural fierce storm going on, the humans who were still moving along the bridge were unaware of the presence of the supernatural beings and what was actually happening right in their area. Kyle and Lucas were thankful that the fight has yet to reach the bridge where the humans were. If it had spread on to that area, god knows the mayhem and craziness that would ensue with humans finally catching sight of beings in the flesh. That would not go smoothly for the evacuation of the humans out of this city and would totally mess with their carefully laid out plans.

"Theres too many of them!" Kyle yelled out at Lucas as his sword flashed left and right around him and numbers of undead vampires dropped to the ground with every single one of his powerful swing. Black blood splattered all over him. Thankfully, the heavy downpour did a good job of washing him up from the stinky blood. They had been fighting for quite a while now. The undead were strong but their strength was not the main problem here. It was their overwhelming numbers that are giving them the advantage.

It seems that no matter how many they killed, the undead kept coming and coming. Their backups were never ending!

"Lucas! I dont think I can stop them from entering the bridge! Theyre going to get past me if we dont have some miracle happening soon!" Kyle yelled while he kept fighting, killing every time a couple of undead tries to get past through him.

Lucas immediately leapt towards the young prince. "Go get those! Dont let them reach the humans!"

As Lucas took over Kyles place at the entrance of the bridge, Kyle hastily went after the two undead who managed to slip past him.

He managed to catch up to one and beheaded him instantly. Without even looking back to check if his victim was properly dead, he rushed past the huge truck that Lucas had used to block the bridge to keep the humans from seeing what was going on behind them. But that one lone undead somehow managed to get past it, quickly heading towards the humans.

Kyles heart dropped and he cursed. He took a flying leap and landed at the other side of the truck and caught sight of that undead about to reach one of the cars abandoned along the bridge.

With an incredible speed, probably the fastest yet that Kyle had ever achieved thus far, the young prince took another flying leap and landed directly on the undead and the vampire crumpled onto the road, just behind the last car in line.

Kyle took a deep breath of relief but the moment he lifted his gaze, a young boy and girl were looking at him from the car. Their eyes wide like saucers, their mouths hanging open as they stared at Kyle and he stared back at them.

"Shh…" Kyle put his fore finger on his lips and winked at them conspiratorially. When the children nodded, he flashed them a grin and like a blur, he and the dead vampire were gone from their sight. It was as if they were not there in the first place.

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    《Hellbound With You》