Hellbound With You
672 Darkness
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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672 Darkness

Chapter 672 - Darkness

A couple of seconds passed as Zeres wondered to himself before coming to the only conclusion he could. The only reasoning, he could end up with was that this man was still actually in full control of himself and his power. How on earth could that be? What would it take for him to even shake a little of that eternal frost composure Zeke had and get even a slight glimpse of him losing control over his emotions or well-made plans? Damn, what was Ezekiel made of, seriously?! It was so much harder – almost impossible – to get this vampire ice prince to crumble a little under any pressure, than for a massive block of glacier to melt.

Zeres could only gnash his teeth in utter rage. And this further angered him. Is this still not enough? Why? What more is he required to do? What other vile acts would it take for him to end this?

He wanted everything to be over and end now. Because he could not take it anymore. Though his powers are limitless and inexhaustible that he was yet to scr.a.p.e the bottom of his own source of powers, his soul was exceedingly exhausted. His spirit was drained to the point of being so fragile it would shatter with a little knock on it. He did not want to continue this any longer. He wanted death and ultimate darkness now to stop this corroding pain that was within him. Would the Gods ever be so merciful to him and grant him this one and final bliss in death which would be his eternal slumber? He begged whatever gods there was out there to just permit him this one last request.

At that moment, Zeres gaze accidebtally fell on Alicia and he saw her wobble and fall over only to end up crumbling to the hard and unforgiving ground.

Lilith only had let go of her for a few seconds just to shield her from the stray debris that were heading her way. But from Zeress point of view, the only scene that entered his eyes was the moment Alicia fell to the ground. And only one jarring thing blasted into his mind, that she was going to die. Now.

Zeres suddenly felt this taut string in his mind snapped at that and a rush of something surged forth and flooded every single cell in his body. His mouth opened in a silent snarl and roared out a bloodcurdling battle cry and tremendous power flared out from the depths of his soul.

His eyes were like two bright moons that were suddenly swallowed by darkness. It was as if there were a total eclipse of his consciousness that was reflected in those initially twin moons of his.

The silvery light turned to pitch black, and he struck back at Zeke with such ferocity and power – one that was far stronger than what he had at the outset of the battle until now, had shown to anyone. No, at that moment, this Zeres held no resemblance whatsoever to the original Zeres they or even he himself knew anymore. He was losing his mind. He had already lost his mind. And apparently, he had also lost his soul and spirit in the process.

The outpouring of his massive powers was consuming him. He had gone berserk. There could not be seen any finesse or clarity in the blows that he was exchanging with Ezekiel at his current state. It seemed as if he were moving only on his instinct and killing drive that had been awakened.

The intense battle before this paled in comparison to what was going on between Zeres and Zeke now. Now it was not just Alex, but also the other vampires who were distracted because of this earth-shattering fight between the two immortals. Surprisingly, even the summoned demons were affected and had paused as well by the battle aura that were flowing out in waves.

Every attack was too powerful, too fast, that it was like a choreographed dance and exchange between two gods of destruction.

An immortal going mad was so strong and beyond powerful. Yet, Ezekiel on the opposing side, was able to hold his ground against a mad immortal half dragon. This was the power of the dragon and the power of the most powerful witch combined, and its results were deadly to say the least. With this kind of power being unleashed into the world, there really was no need for Zeres to even bother with the summoning of those demons from hell. His powers itself was already a calamity of epic proportions.

Another earthquake occurred as one of them was finally hit and thrown down. But this time, it was Zekes turn to take the hit and ended up falling to the ground.

Casually rising from the debris as if it were only a mosquito sting that hit him, Zeke licked his bleeding lips. The expression on his face remained calm and unfathomable. Despite the situation, he remained looking unfazed though it was such a rare sight seeing him dishevelled and bloodied up in a fight.

Zeres was up there, cackling away like a real villain. He looked as though Satan had possessed him. And everyone could not help but shiver. What was going to happen now? Can anyone kill Zeres at this point? It was very hard for everyone to look at the once angel-like creature turning into such creature of destruction.

Alex and the demons were gone. He had a plan and managed to lure them all to another area, leaving only Zeres to be dealt by Zekes hand alone.

"Yes. This world shall be destroyed!" Zeres said, laughing. Surrounding himself with a thick wall of the black shadow.

The spinning vortex appeared again. However, this time, it was becoming bigger and bigger. It seemed he was planning to summon the army he had promised about earlier on. If that demonic army arrives in this plane of existence, that would be a whole new catastrophic event no one would be able to predict its outcome.

Zekes eyes seemed to gleam with a baleful fire, but his stoic face remained as unchangeable as marble. Seeing the demons that were stepping out of the vortex one after another, Ezekiel closed his eyes.

The world seemed to have halted. When he opened his eyelids again, one of his eyes were not red nor grey any longer. It had turned completely black, and it was not just his irises. Even the whites of his eyes were midnight black, gleaming with unrestrained power and utter darkness.

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    《Hellbound With You》