Hellbound With You
714 Enemy
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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714 Enemy

After waving her hand in front of Zeke's face, Alicia retracted her hand in a swift move. She could not help but be a little nervous that he could really see her in this form even though he should not be able to. Though she was not afraid at all if in the case he really saw her, it would still be such a huge dilemma if he could really see her.

She did not have much time to waste so she had really hoped in her heart that Zeres was wrong. She would rather not deal with the inconveniences of him being able to see her in this form.

When Ezekiel did not react and did not even make a move at all, Alicia's unease quickly evaporated. A small smile curved over her face as her eyes shone with a more confident light now.

Waving her hand over his face once again to just do a final check that he truly could not see her, her triumphant smile widened as Ezekiel remained unmoving like a statue made of ancient stone. Thank goodness! Alicia breathed out with extreme relief and then she craned her head slowly forward to look at the living statue's face. Only to find out that he had his eyes closed.

Alicia was speechless when she saw that. She moved and she stood right before him. Her eyes narrowed as she observed him. Was he asleep the whole time she was being nervous over here! No way, right?!

But as she continued staring at him, Alicia found herself unable to take her eyes off him. This man… he looked so calm and detached from the things around him. It seemed as though he was an immortal that had no concerns about the matters of this mortal realm. It was to the point that he actually even felt so non-threatening right now… almost vulnerable, which was something so absolutely not like Ezekiel at all.

It was certainly a bit shocking. Ezekiel… this man looking like this was something Alicia would never even imagine before. She never thought that she would be able to see him being in such an unguarded manner like this. Looking as though… he was not the same stone-hearted man she knew. No, she did not know this man at all. In fact, no one might really and truly know him. Except perhaps for Alexander. Alexander would be the only exception.

Moreover, she would be a fool to ever believe that this man could be vulnerable. Because she knew more than anyone else he's the most dangerous man right now. Yes, this man who looked so perfect he might as well be god's most perfect work of art was a...

Shaking her head, Alicia closed her eyes tightly as if to ward off the distracting thoughts that came flooding into her head, unfettered. And when she opened her eyes again, they had already returned to being the eyes of a woman on a mission.

She firmly reminded herself that she was not here to admire some godly living statue, but she was here to spy on him and watch over him. And no matter whatever happens, she must never forget that this man… this man was her enemy. He was the witches' number one and most feared enemy.

That day when Alicia had seen Ezekiel's true face being revealed, she was shocked and horrified to her core. That was the one and same face of a certain vampire she had seen in her memories. These memories were the previous queens' memories that was passed down to all new witch queens when they took over the throne from their predecessors. There was no doubt that that the image of that vampire that was stamped into her mind was no other than Ezekiel.

He was the powerful vampire who had killed hundreds of witches' long time ago.

It was unsettling why the memories were all over the place. As though many parts of the memories about Ezekiel during that time was purposely messed up and many other parts were also erased.

But the things that she could see in her memories were more than enough for her to understand that Ezekiel was… and will always be their most dangerous enemy. That fact would never change and would forever remain as such.

She could never forget the look on his face while he had hunted down the witches and killed them so viciously as though he was their debtor that were chasing after them who owed him something extremely valuable. However, there was also that extreme fury and utter hate that was reflected within his eyes. He looked as though he was going to do anything and everything to annihilate all the witches that were in existence.

Alicia had tried to find out about the reason on why Ezekiel had done that. Because Alicia had that feeling where there must be a really inexplicable reason behind that degree of fury and hate in his eyes. Why? What had made him go after the witches to that extent?

Ever since she had met with Ezekiel, Alicia had always thought that he was cold and heartless but no doubt an amazing leader. He was most probably the most unrivalled leader she had ever known. He could maintain the control of all the vampires and was able to keep the peace among them until these days. That was such an amazing feat considering how strong-willed and rebellious the vampires were. Just within their own ranks, fights breaking out was something not uncommon. Their numbers were also steadily increasing unlike on the side of the witches, where their numbers were only being maintained or even slightly dwindling.

If she were honest, Ezekiel's leadership could be considered as flawless. He was always rational and would always do anything to keep the peace. He was the type to go as far as fooling his allies and even using them as his pawns without their knowledge, if that was what it takes to achieve his goal. 

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    《Hellbound With You》