Hellbound With You
769 That“s righ
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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769 That“s righ

The only sounds that could be heard inside the bathroom right now was the pitter patter of the water falling like raindrops over them, her heavy breathing and his calm and controlled ones. Ezekiel did not move nor talked. His one arm remained loosely wrapped around her waist and his hand rested on the small of her back.

Time ticked by and the heat that had driven them both into a frenzy had subsided. Alicia's breathing had finally stabilized as well. Then dark emotions came crashing into her like massive waves.

She began to realize that if they had not stopped in time… if she had not accidentally said those words out loud and they ended up eloping…

Her eyes widened and an indescribable emotion rushed through her entire being. She could not believe that she had momentarily forgotten this fact. That she was a witch – though physically dead and currently in the flesh due to Ezekiel's powers – and Ezekiel on the other hand, was a vampire. And that any form of relations, especially sex – was forbidden between them.

If she had not accidentally stopped him with her words, would he have stopped? Or would he have continued not minded it at all even if he ended up killing her?

A cold shiver ran through her, and she finally lifted her gaze at him. His grey eyes were unreadable now. Emotionless. He was back to being that unfeeling statue he usually is. The only difference was that he was totally without a stitch of clothing on him.

"If I had not stopped you earlier…" she started slowly, breaking the heavy silence between them, "would you have stopped?"

His gaze held hers in silence. She locked eyes with him and waited for his answer but when he did not seem to be opening his mouth even after a few moments of just staring at her, Alicia gritted her teeth and told herself to be patient and continue waiting for his answer.

"Tell me… would you have just continued on?" Alicia's hatred bubbled forth and filled her eyes again, "Would you not have cared even if you ended up… killing me?" Her voice cracked a little as she forced the question out.

The way she phrased that last question dissolved Ezekiel's impregnable mask and his eyes widened slightly. But the next moment, his facial muscles worked, and his face darkened as though in anger. However, she had never seen him angry before, so she was not sure if that expression was anger in the first place. Looking at how his expression was so dark, Alicia was taken aback. This was the first time that she is seeing that expression on his face.

But then, he let out a snort before his eyes turned incredibly cold. So cold and sharp she felt like they had turned into an icy weapon as he looked at her.

"You do think of me as nothing but a monster, huh…" he uttered, his voice gravelly and hard as stone. There was no more trace of that utter calmness that he had earlier. A sardonic smirk flashed across his face. "Well, of course." He nodded before reaching out one hand and cupping her face as he moved his face a little close to hers.

"That's right. You should think of me like that all the time, Alicia." He sneered a little. His voice was almost a whisper now, but it still retained that steely edge to it. "That's how you should see me." Alicia did not know why but she felt as though his statement was tinged with a little bitterness.

He released her face and just like that, his expression immediately went back to normal. Expressionless as ever.

"If you're done now, I'm ready to leave the bath and get changed." He said as if nothing had just happened between them. It was as though that whole heated exchange between them was only a figment of her imagination.

Alicia gulped. Her throat somehow hurts, and she did not know what had exactly caused it. Why… why was this man like this? Why did he have to behave this way? He was just messing her already messed up mind and emotions! She did not even know if she hated him or herself at this moment anymore.

Everything was getting too overwhelming for her right now. Especially with this temporary body of hers that was so obviously emotionally and physically weak.

She wanted to yell or cry out in frustration, but the yell just somehow did not manage to be expressed because all of a sudden, her vision turned dark and she wobbled where she stood.

The last thing she heard was Ezekiel cursing and she saw a shadowy figure before her.

Zeke grabbed a robe and wrapped Alicia up in it before he carried her out of the bathroom.

His movement was swift as if Alicia was nothing but a light feather in his arms. His strides were powerful, decisive – as his face had lost its normal expressionless mask.

After grabbing a shirt from his closet, he sat down and proceeded to remove her wet underwear beneath her robe without even giving a thought of whether she would have much to protest later on. Then he managed to maneuver and put his white shirt on her while she was still in his embrace.

A long sigh escaped his lips as soon as he did up the last button. This lady really was testing his limits. He rose and was about to tuck her under the bedcovers when his gaze fell on her mass of wet hair.

He stilled for a moment. In a movement that was so unlike him, he caught his lower lip between his teeth before straightening and keeping her tucked securely within his embrace. He walked back to the bathroom and grabbed the hair drier.

For a few minutes, Zeke quietly but expertly moved the hair drier about and attempted to dry Alicia's hair. His expression was so serious the entire time as though he was settling one serious task that he could not afford to mess up. As though what he was doing right now was a task that required one hundred and one percent of his attention.

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    《Hellbound With You》