Hellbound With You
770 The type
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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770 The type

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Little Flower bookstore, at dawn.

Iryz's eyes flew wide open. She had just awakened from a dream, she was sure of that. But as soon as her eyes opened, she could not remember what she had just dreamt about.

Slowly, she pulled herself up into a sitting position and tried to recall what the dream was about. For some unknown reason, she felt as though the dream was related to something important. She had a feeling it had something to do with the book that they were desperately searching for.

She tried and tried but to no avail. Any memory from that dream seemed to have vanished into thin air the moment she had regained consciousness. It was as if the dream was actually non-existent.

Burying her face into her palms, Iryz sighed out in frustration. When she lifted her gaze, she looked at the beautiful man who was sleeping there at his usual spot in the corner of her bedroom, on the floor. She had always wondered if he was truly comfortable sleeping in that sitting position. He had told her many times that he was totally fine with it and not to bother with him. But Iryz still could not stand seeing him like that. He might claim that he was alright, but she felt that it was uncomfortable just looking at him that way.

Carefully and silently, Iryz climbed off her bed. She looked at the clock and saw that it was almost five thirty in the morning.

As quietly as she could, Iryz grabbed her jacket and was about to grab the door handle when Zeres' voice echoed out behind her.

"Where are you going?"

She instantly froze. Then she quickly turned around to look at him.

"Go… get groceries." She answered.

"You can't go out." he replied immediately, disallowing her to leave the place. Though Iryz was distracted by how pleasantly deep his voice was after waking up, his words still made her frown in displeasure.

"Why?" She was not used to having anyone else telling her whether she could come or go. And here was a somewhat stranger telling her that she should not go out.

"That will take up a lot of time. Time that we do not have to waste."

"I won't take long, I promise." She said as she put up three fingers, showing a scout's honour.

"I will have my men go get the groceries you want instead." He did not tell her no outrightly. However, his words told her just as much. And she frowned at how he intended to not allow her to go out.

He said those while cracking his neck and stretching his arms from that position he was sleeping in. Then he grabbed at another book again.

Iryz just stood there, looking at him in disbelief. "I want to go. By myself." She insisted this time, her voice clipped. She had been obedient to him all these while because she understood his desperation. But it was really getting a little bit too tedious. She had been trying her best to just listen to him, trying her best to understand his actions but… he never once tried to understand her nor try to see things from her perspective.

He paused but it was only just for a moment. He continued flipping the pages as he replied, "Spend that time looking for the book instead." His command made her purse her lips.

"Could you at least look at me when you are talking to me?" Her statement came out louder than she had intended it to.

When he lifted his gaze and their eyes met, Iryz tightened her hold on her jacket.

Whatever he saw in her expression made his cold gaze mellow down a little.

She looked away. "I know I don't look like some deity like you. And you might think I am not good looking enough for you to look at and I also know how busy you are but… you're being a little too much." She started her rant strong, but her voice weakened as she neared the end. "I want… No. I need to go out and have a breather. I've been cooped up and confined in here for days. I know I made a bargain with you. But…" she breathed out heavily, "but I am just human! I need to go out and get some fresh air and see some greeneries." She ended her complaints and gritted her teeth.

Iryz then whipped around and left without looking at him or waiting for his permission. She was a little mad. No… more than a little mad, actually. She could not help it.

She ran out of the bookstore as fast as she could. The sun was already rising, and many people were already out having their morning walks or jogging about. Ah, it had been a while since she too, came out this early. She tried not to think about that beautiful witch that must be in Zeres' mind and jogged her way to the grocery store, knowing that once she returned to the bookshop, everything will be fine again.

However, before she could reach the store, someone caught up with her. It was Zeres. He had worn a hoodie that covered up his unusual but beautiful silver hair – the simplest way to avoid unnecessary and unwanted attention.

Iryz halted and faced him. She had not expected him to come running after her and it seemed that he was not there to drag her back.

"Why did you come?" she asked him curiously, her anger already vented and long forgotten.

"I need to make sure no one will kidnap you."

"What?! Who will kidnap me?" Iryz was confused now.

He shrugged his broad shoulders. "Just a little precaution. You're the type that bad guys like to kidnap."

Iryz narrowed her eyes at him as she wrinkled her cute little nose. "You're just here to make sure I'm not going to run away, aren't you?" She asked him suspiciously and Zeres blinked at her and turned to look away, pretending as if he did not hear what she had said.

"We're almost there," he said, changing the subject smoothly.

"Look here, sir." Iryz sighed, blocking his way, arms akimbo. "I'm not going to run away. There is no way that I'm going to leave that beloved house of mine, that I can assure you. So, you don't need to chase after me like this and keep watch on me. And it's not like I could even outrun a person like you."

She sighed exasperatedly and continued walking towards the grocery while Zeres followed silently behind her.

Back in Ezekiel's house…

Alicia's eyes slowly opened. It was already morning, and the sun was streaming in. Wait… what is…

Her still slightly sleepy eyes flew open wider at the impossible sight that filled her eyes. Ezekiel… he was lying next to her and she… she was hugging him?!

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    《Hellbound With You》