Hellbound With You
773 Civilized
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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773 Civilized

As they rushed towards the main door, hand in hand, Alicia suddenly halted at the realization that Ezekiel was still completely naked. Wait…!! Was he… oh good Lord, did he intend to open the door while being butt naked like that?! Does this man know no bounds?!

She could do nothing but part her lips in disbelief. She understood that he would not mind it at all because, well, with a body like that, who would?! But still…!

He turned to look at her and Alicia was about to speak and point that very important matter out, just in case he had not noticed it yet – which was highly impossible, even for her – but he placed his forefinger on her lips to hush her before she could do so.

Then he pulled on her again and opened the door. Oh my goodness!

Alicia could do nothing but hide behind the door. There was no way she would be letting anyone see her in the flesh or witness her with this completely naked Ezekiel. She breathed out in relief because he only allowed for the door to open partially.

"What is it, Alex?" his voice echoed almost grumpily and a booming laugh from outside immediately burst out. Alicia widened her eyes after hearing that familiar voice and the loud unfettered laugh.

"Were you actually scared to death that I was going to destroy this door and enter without permission?" Alexander's voice was filled with amusement and disbelief. "Who are you hiding, hmm? Zeke? Maybe I should try doing a B\u0026E just to find out… what d'ya say?"

The teasing and mischief in his voice was just too much that Alicia could even imagine Alexander wiggling his brows annoyingly at Ezekiel while grinning like a Cheshire cat.

She should have known that no one else would dare do something like this to Ezekiel but this man, Alexander. Only he could get away with it. After all, these two men had known each other for such a long time since god knows when that they were definitely friends.

"What is it, Alex." Ezekiel repeated in a firm tone. Though still annoyed at how this person had just appeared out of nowhere and disturbed his peace and quiet, his face looked as though he was completely unaffected by anything. He was fully back to the normal Ezekiel everyone knew. The only thing different was that he was butt naked and the man outside weirdly did not seem to be bothered about his nakedness at all.

"What is this? You're not going to let me in?"

Zeke's tone was dismissive, "as you can very well see, I am very busy right now."

Alex grinned again. He craned his head closer, his fingers on his chin as he scrutinized Zeke's face. "Hmm… what is this? Lucas! Come over and look at our Zeke here. I think the sun had risen from the north today." His hand was waving towards Lucas who was somewhere behind him, when Zeke pushed at the door, trying to close it.

But Alex effortlessly stopped it with his hand.

"Who is it? Hmm? Who's the heaven-sent mystery girl that caused those… those tussled morning hair? Damn, when was the last time I saw you wake up in this –" Alex was rambling on while he tried to keep the door from being slammed into his face.

"Alexander." Zeke cut him off, completing his name. "Just call me if you want to say something. You don't need to come into my house like this. Aren't you, the new father of two, busy?"

Alex's face beamed at Zeke's words. "You're right. I am a father of two now and that's why I had really refrained from destroying your windows or door to enter your house. I am going to be good role model to my children." He bragged shamelessly. Alicia who was listening to the exchange from behind the door could only shake her head. Figures that it would take two weirdos to be friends with each other.

"Congratulations. But you have a long way to go, Alex. Ringing three times without any emergency is still problematic –"

"Oh… who said that I was here for something unimportant? I am here to personally invite you, my children's great uncle, to attend their baby shower next week."

Ezekiel slowly half bite his lower lip at Alex's words. "Baby shower…" he echoed. That was his all-important matter?!

"It's a bit late, but my wife and I had decided that we'll do the baby shower after birth. Abi's back to her great shape now, so it's about time. Her family are gathered in our house right now, so I had the time to come here. I'll immediately return as soon as I can though."

"Alex… you should've just called –"

"I came personally to make sure you'd come. And also to find that little witch. How dare he not even drop by to check on my children? And he had promised to be their uncle too! Where the hell is he? My wife's a bit worried about him too. It's been so long since we last saw him. You didn't salvage him in secret, did you?" Alex added with a mischievous tone.

"Lucas will take you to him," Zeke answered calmly.

"Alright. Because I'm a pretty civilized person now, I'm letting you go. But first, let me take a look at her. Just to make sure you're not trying out something that might end you." Alex tried to poke his head through the door, but Zeke's reaction was much quicker, and he managed to hide Alicia behind him.

His broad body completely covered her from Alex's sight.

"Alex." Zeke called out and whatever Alex saw in his face, he stepped back with a knowing and disbelieving gaze.

"I got it." he was grinning, nodding to himself. "We'll talk about this at the baby shower, Zeke." He winked at him but not before throwing him a parting statement. "Don't think you can get away from explaining this, Zeke." He then turned around and chuckled as he left.

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    《Hellbound With You》