Hellbound With You
778 Great relief
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Hellbound With You
Author :KazzenlX
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778 Great relief

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The corners of Alicia's lips curved up into a bitter, angered smile after hearing that last statement that he made. As though making a disclaimer in order to clear himself off all responsibilities to the actions that he had done. "You're saying that the things you said earlier weren't real? That they were nothing but the result of your messed up state? So I should not be taking them seriously?"

He fell quiet again. But this time she waited for him to respond.

"Yes." He answered. His tone completely undiscernible.

"I see…" Alicia pushed herself up to a sitting position. "So these… all that had happened earlier were all nothing but a result of our messed up situation." She made a statement and nodded as if forcefully convincing herself what he said was the truth. She hated the feeling of disappointment that had rose sharply within her. All this was just so absurd. She should feel relieved that all that had happened were nothing as he claimed. Because if it was all real… she would not even know how to proceed anymore. What would happen between them… that was another huge headache that needed to be dealt with as well.

Thinking more about it, all she knew was that everything would most probably fall apart. The little bit of defense left in her, her mission, every implication… everything… Therefore, things as how they stood now was for the best. Right…?

Relief should be flooding her entire being. The world might turn upside down and the two of them would still be enemies. A vampire and a witch will forever be forbidden. But why was it that there was this little spark of regret that she was feeling deep within her heart?

"That's a great relief." She breathed out, looking away, retorting back at him, acting as though she was happy that everything was back to 'normal'.

Alicia had failed to realize that even at this moment, they were both in what they called 'their messed-up state' and that like what Ezekiel had said, they must not believe what each other would say.

"Then you should keep it in mind not to believe the emotions you feel coming from me as well, Ezekiel. That intense lust I am feeling towards you was nothing but a result of this messed up situation. Just like you, I don't have any control over it. You of all people should know even better of my current physical condition." She spouted with bravado.

What she had just said sounded so utterly ridiculous even in her own ears, but this was better. It was for her own sake and peace of mind. She must keep in mind that if they were both to lose control again and give in to this so-called carnal desire of theirs, one of them would die. And that someone would be no one else but her.

Not that it even mattered, because she was already dead. But she must stay on, now that she had regained her physical form. At least until the last day of her mission.

He turned his face sideways but did not move further enough for him to look at her. She saw his lips opened and she could tell he was about to say something else. But for some reason, he refrained and turned to his front again.

She wanted to hear what he was going to say but she remained quiet. And he did not speak again.

After a long time of nothing but silence, the doorbell rang. It sounded like a loud gong in that extended silence between them.

Ezekiel stood and Alicia quietly followed behind him.

No one was outside the door. It seemed that they had just left the shopping bags on the floor and ran off once their duties were done. Ezekiel took them and shut the door after them.

Once they were back at the couch, Zeke handed the bags over to Alicia.

He propped himself on the couch while Alicia took out the clothes in the bag using her one free hand. Her lips parted in shock at the sight of the lingerie she was holding. Her face immediately burned.

Her reaction made Ezekiel turn to look at her. Their eyes met and Zeke's brows creased, wondering what had caused her to be so flustered. Slowly, his gaze fell on the article of clothes in her hand. It was one hell of a provocative pink lingerie. It was the ones that could barely cover anything when worn. In Alicia's opinion, it was as good as not wearing anything if she put these on.

Alicia shoved the lingerie back into the bag and pulled out the others in there, only to discover an even more seductive two-piece inside. Her blushing face flamed into a darker shade of red.

She grabbed the other bags and peered into it and her jaw dropped as they contained no decent clothes at all. It was a whole different set of provocative sleepwear. Some were made of laces and transparent vintage gowns. What the hell?!!

Her head whipped towards Ezekiel. Only to find him taking in a sharp breath while his jaws were working hard, as though he was having a hard time controlling his instincts too.

Swiftly, he brought his phone out from his pocket and speed dialed Lucas' number.

"Boss, uhm. It's not me! I swear!" Lucas immediately began spouting off excuses the moment he answered the call, even before Zeke could even say a thing.

Then Alex's voice echoed out next.

"I hope you liked what the saleslady had helped to choose. I made sure to tell her to pack the sexiest, most provocative lingerie ever –"

"Alexander." Zeke said Alex's complete name with a clipped and controlled harshness.

But the man at the other side of the phone just guffawed in laughter when he heard Zeke's tone, as though he was just waiting to hear that. Then the line was immediately cut off.

When Zeke looked back down at his phone's screen, he saw that it had shut down. Alex must have hacked into it for sure. He knew that the damned man was making himself busy the past few months by learning how to hack because he had said it was crazy fun. And damn him for being so good at it too.

Zeke sighed, shutting his eyes closed, looking as though he was struggling to fight for calm himself, while Alicia looked at the multiple seductive lingerie sets again, blushing and shaking her head in disbelief.

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    《Hellbound With You》