Broly in the Marvel Universe
27 Becoming Infamous
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Broly in the Marvel Universe
Author :Werewolvking
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27 Becoming Infamous

"Of course" carina says

"do you know where he keeps the reality stone"


"then follow my lead"

She escorts us to the collector and peter gives him the orb.

The collector then shakes and says


Rocket copies him and says "well this is all fascinating, but where is our credits"

The collector then transfers the money to us. And then I say

"Well this was fun guys but...

Everyone turns to me since I have been quiet for so long.

"I'm going to have to rob you collector."

I shoot the collector with a ki ball and he flys back.

"You guys better hurry... Ronan is coming. And you have been paid there is no reason to stay.

The guardians leave and I say

"Carina, go fetch my stone."

I then walk up to every one of the people and have them pledge loyalty to me. Except the duck. I just let him do him.

I now have 20 people under my command. All from different races.

"I am back master" carina says

"please... don't call me master. Call me Broly"

"Yes Master Broly"

I give a forced smile then say.

"Everyone, touch one another."

I then instant transmission is to one of my training grounds on earth. I had this place made when I figured out that you can teach ki.

"Broly, sir. What would you have us do."

"What is your name dark elf"

"Corvus sir"

"Well I am planning on training you guys"

"But first... Wait about 10 minutes"

I instant transmission to the guardians and I see Everyone on there knees in front of Ronan.

"Hey Ronan, let them go."

"Guy!!! Sorry you never told us your name." Peter says

"it's Jordan... but my friends call me Broly."

"Enough... this is my..."

I appear in front of Ronan, I don't even need to use instant transmission for this weakling, and grab Him by his face then slam him into the ground.

"Who are you talking to pussy?"

"I didn't ask you to let them go. That was a demand. So if you want to hold on to your pathetic life. You better pay heed to every word that comes out of my mouth. You insignificant speck"

"Woah... I'm glad he is on our side" rocket says

"Hey Draxx..."

I look back to the buff gray man

"Yes scary tail man?"

"Didn't you want revenge or something for your family."


I grab Ronan by the neck with one hand and bring him towards draxx. Then break the cuffs that were holding him. I Throw Ronan on the floor in front of draxx.

"He's all yours"

*5 minutes later

"Alright guys... since you guys are all wanted around the galaxy. Why don't you come back to earth. I can teach you guys and you can hide out while I clear your records."

"Sounds good to me." Rocket says

"I am groot"

"I always wanted to go back to earth" peter says

"I will follow you tailed man" Draxx says

We all look towards Gamora

"I am already a trained warrior... but I have nowhere else to go. So okay"


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