Shaman king a new yoh asakura
11 Second fight.
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Shaman king a new yoh asakura
Author :melody17995
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11 Second fight.

Yoh was laying in the living room. Anna tortured him with weigths, and fighting with Horroro, running and a lot of running.

He was out of breath, his body hurts.

Kimo and Horroro were at the shop buying food for diner, he and Anna were left behind in the house.

Anna walked to the laying Yoh on the floor, she seated next to him on the floor.

" Yoh are you fine" Anna asked looking at Yoh tired face.

" I am fine Anna, I know you do this to help me, I appreciate it, I can see how much you care about me" Yoh said smiling to Anna.

" I.... I do this so you can fullfil your promise only" Anna stammered, with a blushing face at yoh his words

" Thank you Anna, I will try my best to keep my promise" Yoh said, he came closer to Anna and put his lips on her cheeks.

He kissed her cheeks, he slowy kissed his way to Anna's lips.

Anna felt a little feeling in her stomach.

His lips came on her lips, she let him kiss her on her lips.

He was opening his mouth and let his tongue circle on Anna's lips asking for entrance.

Yoh was a little scared to do this, he didn't know how Anna would responed to it, but he want to do it with her.

She was shocked at Yoh's his action, he had never tried to touch or kiss her before, they hadn't see each other for a long time.

She had missed him, and her feeling in her stomach was growing at his actions.

She accepted and opened her mouth, his tongue slipt inside to her tongue.

There tongue were making a dance with eachother, anna moaned with delight.

They didn't hear the front door opening, and the talk of Horroro and Kimo who just arrived back.

" Bang"

The shopping bags were on the ground. Yoh and Anna immediately stoped and put a lot of space between them on the floor.

They bothed had flushed faces.

Horrorro and Kimo were both looking at shock at the scene the just witnissed, Anna and Yoh kissing.

" Now I understand why I had to go with this animal to the shop, You did want some time for the both of you" Kimo said with a smirk at them.

" Anna looked nice too, look she is like a tomato" Horroro said laughing, anna stood up she was making her way to Horroro and smacked him on the face.

Horroro got a red print of her hand, she walked out of the living room leaving behind the guys.

" Why did I deserve this!" Horroro screamed, Kimo and Yoh both were laughing at him.

Yoh his oracle bell sounded in the living room, he looked to the screen a name become visible.

Second round

Second opponent: Johann Faust VIII.

" Johan Faust who is that" Yoh asked.

Silva the path appeared in Yoh his living room.

" Yoh Asakure the fight will be held at the park here close by, your opponent will be waiting for you, you have a hour to prepare yourself" Silva said, he disappeared when he was finished.

" Great we can defeat a other shaman, Yoh lets go" Kimo shouted happy, he transformed in his spirit form.

" Guys can I watch your match, than I will learn it for my own fight" Horroro asked.

Yoh nodded at Horror his quistion, he went to Anna to infrom her that he had a fight. He walked to her room and knocked at the door, " Anna, my second fight is on a hour in the park, will I see you there than" Yoh said to the door.

He didn't hear any reaction, sighed he walked away to prepare himself for the fight.

A hour later in the park:

" Come on hurry otherwise we will be late, you moron, animal" Kimo said to Horroro, because of him they were running to the park, he said that he would prepare diner but that guy felt asleep. Yoh had to do the cooking.

" I told you, I am sorry can't you accept that' Horroro said.

" Noo , defintly not" Kimo said.

" we already there guys, I see somebody there I think that is the opponent John Faust" Yoh said walking next to Horroro, and Kimo in spirit form floating in the air.

There was a men sitting in his weelchair in the middle of the park.

He wore a large white raincoat, a top white hat with a three leaf clover and a blanket on his legs.

" You think that Yoh, no that is impossible that men can't even fight, maybe your opponent is late, Yes that is it" Horroro said.

" I don't think so moron, I feel power of that men sitting in the weelchair, Yoh we can't understimate him, I believe we have to be careful" Kimo warned.

" You are right Kimo, let's do our best" yoh said, they walked to the sitting men in his weelcair.

" Hello I am Yoh Asakura, are you my opponent John Faust for the second round" Yoh asked to the sitting men.

The sitting man looked at Yoh, " Yes my name is Faust, shall we begin with the fight, I want this fight soon finished, spirit form frankensteiny" the man Faust said, a dog skeleton appeared before him on the ground.

" Alright let the fight begin Faust, are you ready Kimo?" Yoh said. Yoh deeply sighed he was using his skill seener eyes, he tried to see the energy in the animal dead dog.

His eyes turned yellow, he saw the yellow energy on the dog making his way over to them.

Yes it was working, yoh thougth happy but after that he eyes turned back to his orginal color.

" Aahhh a skeleton, yoh I am afraid of dead things like animals and humans" Kimo screamed scared when he saw the skeleton coming at them.

" You can be serious Kimo, we have to fight" Yoh said to the scared flaoting Kimo.

" Hahah afraid of dead things, it is just a dog" Horroro laughing.

The skeleton was preparing to attack Yoh, yoh dodged and called Kimo to do spirit form.

It looked at Kimo, Kimo's face become whited, he floated scared away from the park, the dog was following after him.

" Kimo!! " Yoh screamed, he had a fight to do, he didn't know his opponent or moves he would do, he needed Kimo, why the hell was he so scared of that skeleton.

" It seems your guardian ghost has abandoned you, but that doesn't matter, it will the fight easer to win, my dear Elisa show your beautiful form" Faust shouted, a human skeleton appeared next to him.

The human skeleton came at fast speed at Yoh. Yoh summoned his three shikigamies. Time to see if the training paid of, " water come forth master all" yoh shouted.

Water was appearing on the battlefield, the shikigamies were surfing in the water making there way to the human skeleton.

The shikigamies attacked the human skeleton by making use of the water.

The skeleton was pushed back to Faust side.

" You dare hurt my beloved" Faust screamed angry that there hurt his wife Elisa in human skeleton form, he was necromancer because his wife wasn't part of the living.

" This is a fight Faust, we hurt eachother" Yoh said.

Faust looked at Yoh, he ordered the humam skeleton to go in the ground.

He was smirking at Yoh.

Yoh looked around him preparing himself for a possible attack, but he didn't felt a thing. " bang". Behind him he was graped by the human skeleton.

He was falling to the ground, the skeleton had a strong grip on him, he couldn't get it off.

" Shikigamies get that skeleton of me" Yoh ordered.

The shikigamies were making there move back to Yoh, but Faust prepared he summoned a bigger skelton and crushed the shikigamies.

The shikigamies were disappearing before yoh his eyes.

No this doesn't look good, Yoh thought.

Horroro was looking from a distant at the fight of Faust and Yoh, he saw that Faust was also a strong shaman, he was curious how Yoh would turn the match around otherwise he would lose.

Faust looked at Yoh with a crazy smile, " Now prepare yourself to die" Faust said laughing. The human skeleton was choking yoh by his neck.

" what kill me, this is just a fight why killing me" Yoh shouted at Faust, he was making time for himself, he was foscusing on the earth, he tried to break further, he summoned water and little bit of earth was beginning to form in the water.

He attacked the human skeleton with his attack of water and earth.

"Earth and water apprentice attack" Yoh shoated, the skeleton was falling with a loud bang in a three.

" my dear Elisa" Faust screamed, he looked with a angry expresion at Yoh.

" KILL HIM, crush his bones don't let him breath again" Faust screamed mad, the big skeleton came at fast speed at Yoh.

Yoh didn't had enough time to dodge, he was smashed back on the ground.

The big skeleton was fasting his speed and smashed Yoh to another side at the parl.

" Hahah , your end is nearing" Faust screamed with mad delight.

Yoh used his skill again seener eyes, his eyes become yellow, he used the energy of the nature and started to absord a little of it for his attack.

" Earth and water combine apprentice attack" Yoh screamed, water and earth was summoned and come at the big skeleton.

Faust used a move of his to dodge the skill of Yoh. " Bone cage" Faust screamed, a cage was appearing on the big skeleton the attack of Yoh was blocked by it.

" oh no what do I do now" Yoh said slowy to himself, he didn't had stronger attacks, and Kimo was scared and left him behim to fight for himself.

" Attack him" Faust screamed and laughed.

The big skeleton smashed Yoh again to the ground.

Yoh spat blood out of his mouth, he was hurt and his body hurt badly.

Faust was preparing for his killing move to Yoh, he was laughing madly when he ordered his big skeleton to finisch him.

Anna who saw the beginning till now was very worried, she was running to the fight to save Yoh from his death.

But she was stopped by the patch Silva.

"I am sorry, I can't let you get further, the fight is still on, Yoh first has to surrender himslef untill we can intervere" Silva said to a worried Anna.

" if he is killed at you were to late, than I will make of your live a living hell" Anna said angred at Silva.

Yoh couldn't get of the ground, his body was to wounded.

Horroro who saw the fight summoned his spirit form, he distracted the big skeleton, but he was no match for it he was crushed and smashed to the ground.

" You dare to intervere, I will kill you first" Faust said, the big skeleton was making his killing move to Horrorro who had no time to dodge.

" NOOOO Horroro!!!!!" Yoh screamed.

The big skelton made a big hole in the stomach of Horroro.

Horroroo looked at Yoh, " I did save you Yoh I......"

He was breathing his last breath and felt dead on the ground.

"Horroro!!!!!!!! " Yoh howled, he was crying why didn't he surrender than Horroro would still be alive it was all his fault.

Faust was laughing at Yoh his howling. He ordered the big skeleton to kill Yoh.

" You left your friend to die, what a good friend you are" A voice said in his mind.

Yoh looked up, "why do you talk now and now when he was still alive", yoh said to the voice in his mind.

" Why you say, I have to protect myself not another" the voice said.

" You are wrong, you have to protect everyone who is dear to you not only yourself" yoh said.

" That is what you think, but a skeleton is trying to kill you, why don't you let me handle this match" the voice said.

Yoh agreed with the voice, he was tired, he let the voice take controll.

Yoh his hair was growing, in his eyes flames were forming, the air become colder.

Faust, Silva and Anna was looking at Yoh, they felt something was different.

" So you like to play with dead people and things, why don't I play with you, my game is called don't get burned" Yoh said with a different voice.

The different Yoh made first a protoction barrier so outsiders couldn't see what was happening inside.

"What are you doing" Faust said a little scared at Yoh.

" Playing my game" The different Yoh said laughing, Faust was screaming when he was burned by flames.

The big, human skeleton and Horroro body also was burned in flames.

The winner of the match was Yoh Asakura, Silva saw the winner and become confused. Did he win, but wasn't that guy almost finished.

Anna was running when she saw Yoh walking out of the park.

" Yoh are you alright" Anna asked with a worried face to Yoh.

Yoh didn't respond he had his eyes red and tears were streaming of his face.

" Annna, I....I... It is all my fault, Horroro is gone because of me, he tried to protect me" Yoh howled, Anna come closer to Yoh and comforted him.

" Yoh he did protect you, and give his life for you, but don't get lost, his dreams are now passed to you, I believe he is counting on you to fullfill them, and when you will become shaman king than you can make fun with each other again" Anna said, she herself had also tears in her eyes.

" You are right Anna. Thank you" yoh said.

Kimo was floating back to the park. " Yoh, I am back that dog didn't follow me anymore, where is that men we will beat him, where did Horrorro go?" Kimo said curious.

" Horrorro is dead" Yoh said angered at Kimo.

" Dead, Yoh do you mean that" Kimo said with a sad face.

" If you just had helped me than, he didn't had to die, you abononed me again

Kimo, I HATE YOU!" Yoh said, he took Anna's hand and walked away from the park.

" Yoh I am sorry" Kimo said.

" Sorry is not enough Kimo, were are done, you can go back to your river, I don't need you to assist me as my guardian ghost, leave and never come back" Yoh said walking with his back turned away.

Kimo was kneeling om the ground with tears falling of his cheeks, he really screwed up with Yoh and even Horrorro was gone, he was worthless.


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