Red Twilight: Worldwalker
25 Red Twilight Worldwalkers chapter 25
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Red Twilight: Worldwalker
Author :Dfeyder
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25 Red Twilight Worldwalkers chapter 25

Chapter 25


Hetatsubatchi's paws sink deep into the snow Assgaurd as he dashes across the frozen ocean chasing the moon and the scent of flowers in the distances, the taste of blood fresh on his tongue as he had just hours ago feasted upon the mermaid Ava. Dis and the demon council were not impressed, they ordered Hetatsubatchi killed.

This was when the dozens of lifetimes hidden from him awoke and his magic was amplified ten times. Tatsu used his magic to hold Dis hostage, morphing the evil king's armor into a body shaped coffin threatening to '…crush the king and impale all his councilors on their-own swords…' if he, and the other wolves of Cainon don't get to walk today.

Hetatsubatchi payed for the freedom of himself and his country with tribute to his namesake of King Slayer. Tatsu took nothing for himself, once the land of Dis agreed to free his people Tatsu used his Worldwalker's gift to run away. There are other places he wishes to be, other things he wishes to see.

Tatsu hopes to at some time see his old traveling company once more. Run alongside David Jazzman, Charlie Belmond, Lances Jacob, Milli Malagaurd and the others, also a final confrontation with Seeker would be fun. But something in his soul tells Tatsu that it will be a good long time before he and them cross paths again. In the meantime, Redcap is his next target. After all Tatsu still wants to know what was that 'grater purpose' the illusionist had talked about?

Somehow Redcap knew Tatsu would come, somehow he knew Tatsu had arrived and the two come face to face. Redcap choosing to first let Hetatsubatchi see him as the Rockstar elf king, then in the blink of an eye as the tattooed white wolf, the warg princess Ammi by his side.

With a snide grin, Redcap calls across the snow and ice to the running wolf. "you are early, the festival isn't for several days!" Redcap's voice is dripping with sexual tension as he talks "or maybe you wanted so appetizers before the main dish?"

"Shut it conjurer." Tatsu barks "you, me, her" Tatsu points at Ammi "we are all linked, I can smell it, tell me how and why now."

Ammi looks up at Redcap "a to-the-point type I see."

Redcap closes his eyes with a nod "I told you he would be." He turns his attention back to Tatsu "Chaos. She is what links us. Ammi is the link between the wolves of Cainon and the wolves of Asguard, I birthed her, she birthed you, I was born to Haiti, and Skoll, they were children of Fenrir, and Fenrir is the link between us and Tamreal. There are only five generations separating us from the Tree of Beginnings. Tatsu I know what you and Belmond were doing. I was trying to help. I was hoping to build a weapon we could use to re-forge heaven but there just wasn't enough time."

Tatsu looks apprehensive "so you were always on our side?"

"Come with me and find out, once my mother is born you will see." Redcap turns away from Tatsu, s/he wags her tail offers a wide charming grin, starting on her way to the grounds on which the Festival of Moonlessnight will be held.


The Steel Rose has been restored to order, Celverant and the other Architects of Peace gather in the courthouse, a group of birds form Cathall have gathered in search of the Worldwalkers and there network of humanitarian trade. Lead by an egg carrier named Swallow.

All senior members are accounted for as this is a large trade and many worlds could binifite form ties with Cathall and the other planets of Zion; Cinder, Keyor, Dash Prismknigh, Sorin Hunt, Seeker, Krain, Syphon, Sigh, Arwin, Mike Murphy, Jloose, and Suahoon.

"…So, as you can see." Swallow explains "this new illness, whatever it is, is attack our young. my yearling should be ready to learn if they are an egg makers or egg carriers but they are despritly underweight. And should you and these judges fell so fit as to help us in the investigation as to the organ of this sickness, we the Cathall would be willing to begin talk of trade."

The worldwalkers start whispering between each other. Celverant takes the lead "This court will need one Cathall moon-phase to review the information you have provided, after which time we will deliver or verdict."

The court disassembles. As the group retires for food a messenger form Godshand passes off a scroll to Sigh. With a gasp the fox monk reads over the information within and with grate haste runs done Celverant.

"Celverant, I must be departing. War has come to Godshand." Sigh stumbles to explain.

"Who would wish to do battle with the Kami?" Celverant ask.

"The Opel Mask, our protectors have turned on us." Sigh goes on. "My brother, he leads them."

"you, Sigh, you are one of my Architects. We will travel together to Godshand, and together we will build peace."


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