The Type-Moon Irregularity
41 *I“m dropping this*
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The Type-Moon Irregularity
Author :MrMoist
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41 *I“m dropping this*

@@Hello MrMoist here.

You can pretty much tell what this is going to be about just by looking at the title and I don't blame anyone for not reading further ahead.

I'm kinda taking a break from webnovel (more specifically inkstone) as I'm going through some family matters at the moment. I'm going inter-state for my grandmother's funeral and I won't be able to make chapters for quite a while.

I've lost my "drive" so to speak for writing and I don't think that it will come back any time soon.

I apologize to everyone that enjoyed "The Type-Moon Irregularity", or "Gamer in My Hero Academia" or even the minority that liked "Fate/Cultivation". For everyone that gave me comment, review or even saved it to your collection I salute you.

And to everyone that donated a spirit stone I thank you deeply.

I'm sorry to everyone that liked the series and to those who were expecting more in the near future.

I might come back, probably not with this or any of the other two novels just to let you know.

Anyway, if you read it this far I thank you and hope that you enjoyed my novels despite how short they are.



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