The Rise Of The Death God
3 A Minor Crisis
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The Rise Of The Death God
Author :Toasted
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3 A Minor Crisis

As Osiris woke up in his new body he noticed that he couldn't move, every time he tried an immense pain would burst out. As he tried to access the system he suddenly heard a soothing voice in his mind

<*Ding!* System installation starting, the process will be completed in 5 minutes.>

As soon as the notification sounded out in his mind he felt an unbearable pain that affected his whole body, it was like a thousand crows picking the tiniest piece of flesh from his body. Though the system said 5 minutes it felt like an eternity for Osiris. Then, as the pain started to fade away he heard

<*Ding!* System installation is complete; the system welcomes the host to the Death God System.>

Osiris knew that this was the wish that he had requested from the god that brought him to this world. Osiris thought

'System, show me my stats'

<*Ding!* The stats page is open.>


Level: 1 (0/100 exp)

Age - 14 years old

Strength - 1

Speed - 1

Wisdom - 3

Bloodline - Grim Reaper

Class - Citizen

Bodily state - Heavily Poisoned

Osiris: 'No wonder I couldn't even move my body, I am heavily poisoned, let's see if the system can do anything about that.'

Right before Osiris was about access the store, a system notification rung out.

<*Ding!* Due to host accessing the system for the first time, the system has given the host a starter pack.>

Osiris put his worries about his poisoned state at the back of his mind as he was excited at what the starter pack would give him.

Osiris: 'System, open the starter pack'

<*Ding!* The host has opened the starter pack and obtained:

1. Death god's cultivation technique (1 volume out of 10)

2. A soul weapon lottery ticket

3. Body Forging pills x 3

4. A pet lottery token>

<*Ding!* The host has opened a hidden function of the system due to the host obtaining a lottery ticket. The lottery tab is a sub-tab in the store that the host can now use.>

Osiris: 'System, explain the functions of the pills, the lottery tickets and what a soul weapon is.'

<*Ding!* The pills reforge the body, thus increasing the stats without causing the user to level up, the pills can also remove and negative status condition the body is facing. The maximum number of pills any human can use is 3 of each body forging pills. The lottery tickets are like a lucky draw in your previous world, once you use a ticket you will obtain an item, the item depends on the type of ticket used. A soul weapon is a weapon that grows alongside the user.>

Osiris: 'Ok system, use both lottery tickets and also let me consume the 3 body forging pills'

<*Ding!* You have obtained a scythe as your soul weapon and a baby Cerberus as your pet.>

<*Ding!* The system has made the host consume the 3 pills and the host is now falling into a 3-hour coma to get used to the growth in stats>

Right before Osiris was about to fall into a coma Osiris thought

'I am pretty lucky to get something to alleviate my status condition.'


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