The Time Traveler with Rules
15 Manipulation of Crigil
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The Time Traveler with Rules
Author :Wrex421
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15 Manipulation of Crigil

Fuhit knew his son was always scheming of ways to counter him and take his position as their Clan leader of the Cenives. However Fuhit also knew his son Crigil was just not ready yet for this position. Fuhit did love Crigil as it was a paternal bond and wished to use these parental bonds to put his son through a trial of fire and ice to better temper his son for leading the Cenives in the future as Fuhit was intelligent and knew eventually he would fall in battle or die and he couldn't leave the Cenives without a potential ruler.

"CRIGIL! Your father has demanded your appearance in the planning hall." As this was being said by a messanger Cenive, Crigil grumbled and responded with an annoyed tone, "What does that cowardly father of mine want this time? Why can't he just come and talk to me himself." as the messanger Cenive heard this he started to tremble knowing he had to report this information Crigil said to Fuhit, but he also knew Fuhits temper and Fuhits anger towards being called a coward. "Please Crigil just go and see the Clan leader. He desires you for important information." The messanger humbly responded and then quickly left to return to Fuhit. "Coward. Why are all of the Cenives COWARDS RIGHT NOW!" Crigil screamed and then proceeded to see his father to have a word with him but Crigil was already planning on how to force his father into a difficult position using this meeting.

Back in the planning room Fuhit was being briefed from his loyal messanger of what his son had just said when they both heard a loud BOOM! Crigil came storming into the planning room slamming the doors open and just as he did it, he saw his father's black and purple shadow streak across the room and immediately Crigil was being hoisted up into the air. "Crigil my son, so good to see you. Knowing I'm a coward is but a simple belief of yours but do you Crigil have the courage to prove it?" Fuhit smiled sinisterly at his son and his large and powerful fangs were on full display.

Crigil gripped his father's arm and immediately broke free of his grasp and charged forward slamming his father down onto the floor! "Father I'll tell you to your face! YOU ARE A SPINELESS LEADER AND THE SOONER YOU HAND CONTROL OF THE CLAN TO ME, THE SOONER WE WILL RETURN TO OUR GREAT FOREST AND SLAY THE BASTARD!" He screamed while on top of his father. Fuhits eyes were wide open in rage and he flipped his son off of him with a simple but strong smack of his palm. This was a big disgrace having his son openly rebel against him like this and even in his planning room; Fuhits rage exploded out as it reached new heights.

"Sniveling little brat I'll show you why I'm the leader and you are nothing more then a runt before me!" As Fuhit said this he went into a battle frenzy launching punch after punch and kick after kick almost maiming his son. While Crigil had been trained in their fighting styles Fuhit was at his prime and a battle hardened Cenive. No other Cenive of their people could compare to his strength, intelligence and skills. He made quick work of Crigil finishing by slamming Crigil into the hard floor and then ripping Crigils left arm off just to continue beating him with his crippled arm until he felt satisfied and fully vented his anger towards his son.

Panting heavily Fuhit said "Take him away and get him medical treatment from the Drion Healer." It took a moment as all the messangers were staring wide eyed at this display of brutality and subjugation like they had never witnessed before. Finally one snapped out of this awe when Fuhit again screamed "HURRY UP YOU BASTARDS!" the messanger who went forward to grab Crigil was actually one of Crigils close confidants named Burgo and Burgo was constantly feeding Crigil information on what Fuhit was planning or doing next. Burgo went forward and grabbed Crigil and took him to the medical Drion they had recruited and the Drion started to assist Crigil in his healing process.

While the Cenives were known for impressive regenerative abilities they still rarely fought among each other like this, so when the Drion saw the son of the clan leader in this battered state and even missing an arm it started shaking in fear as it assumed a catastrophe had occurred. It couldn't communicate as easily with the Cenives but it knew when it was supposed to get to work and immediately started it's medical procedures to keep Crigil alive.

While Crigil was being worked on he looked towards his follower Burgo and said "Burgo update me." At this Burgo got a creepy smile on his wide and long face. "Crigil your father is going to be fighting with the Oguls soon to take control of them. If we could manage to persuade them to aid us first it would surely give great contributions towards your take over of the clan!" He excitedly reported. Crigils eyes frosted over from the pain of the treatment and wounds he had endured, but they quickly regained their luster as he heard Burgos report. "Then we shall do just that and the Oguls shall be our own troop to use as we see fit!" He laughed but immediately regretted his laughter as his father had broken many of his bones and this laughter caused him even more pain.

Fuhit leaned back into his chair smiling as he realized his plan to lure his son into convincing the Oguls to aid him was coming to fruition when he heard the report from a Cenive he always had spying on Crigil. Why was he happy at this knowledge? Simple. His son needed to learn and grow in his own right to be a capable leader and he did want what was best for his son even if he had to be extremely vicious towards him from time to time. His son would be made into the warrior and leader he needed to be even if it meant going through a baptism of blood! Fuhit would stop at nothing to keep his species alive and allow them to prosper as well.

With his plans going so well it was time to give his son a final push. He had been using a network of spies to learn when the Oguls would be vulnerable and possible to lure and capture some of them. While the Oguls were a vicious species, they were a species that relied on numbers and teamwork and wouldn't leave each other behind. When Fuhit learned of this he planned to capture some and use them as hostages; But this plan was suddenly leaked to Crigils sources and Crigil soon found out. Deciding to take matters into his own hands before his father could manage to accomplish the subjugation of the Oguls first, he knew he had to strike fast.

However Crigil was simply playing into his father's plans and unknowingly doing Fuhits bidding all this time. Everything that had happened in Crigils life had been meticulously planned by Fuhit when Fuhit realized Crigil was the most intelligent of his siblings and was also the most prideful.

Fuhit tried to help teach his son to control this pride as Fuhit had watched his father perish due to this pride and learned that this pride could be their undoing. Crigil proved difficult to teach though and Fuhit eventually gave up on doing it in a conventional way like he used with Crigils other two siblings. Instead we have the current situation we see today. Both father and son playing against each other for their own benefit and for the future of the Cenives.


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