The Rise of a Noble
24 Bubbling troubles and unexpected solutions.
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The Rise of a Noble
Author :VlassisBehrakis
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24 Bubbling troubles and unexpected solutions.

The rest of the week went by rather quickly. After all, managing and sorting all the new arrivals was a rather hard job. The day the next batch of refugees arrived Karlos requested entrance. Galahad quickly granted him entrance to the great hall.

Karlos then bowed and said.

"Sire, someone referring to themselves by the title Magos and the name Erfiadis has come here looking for an audience."

Galahad nodded and said.

"Allow him entrance. I am curious why is here."

Soon after Magos Erfiadis scurried in and bowed deeply. he took down his hood revealing his face for the first time. He looked rather unimpressive his face was rather thin and pale with even his eyes being small, dark and sunken in his face adorned with large black circles. Even his poor hairline was rapidly receding hairline. After standing up he said.

"Greetings Sir Galahad I have come over to your warm home asking for work and a place to stay."

Galahad looked thoughtful for a second before looking towards Karlos and asking.

"Karlos what happens when a Magos loses his position below his lord?"

Karlos responded after a mere moment of contemplation.

"Well, it depends on their skill set but generally they are recalled to Mertinia. After returning there they reassessed and send to a different settlement depending on their current skill set or they are kept in Mertinia as administrators if they are senior and capable enough."

Galahad then looked back at Erfiadis and asked.

"I assume that Emanuel purged you. So why should I allow you to stay here and get embroiled into direct conflict with him? Additionally, why didn't you return back to Mertinia? I am sure you are both old enough and capable enough to get a position in a fief larger than a Baronetcy."

Erfiadis nodded and responded.

"Sir Galahad is indeed wise beyond his years, the reason I decided to remain is to offer my services to an exceptional individual such as yourself."

Galahad narrowed his eyes and responded.

"We both know that this is empty flattery. You have one more chance, to be honest with me before I order two guards to come and act as a friendly escort back to Gragon to whatever fate Emanuel is planning for you."

Erfiadis sighed deeply and responded.

"Alright alright, I shall be honest with your Lordship. You see Sir Galahad, I have already created a series of connections in the last decade on the frontier. Connections which will not be especially useful if I am relocated to a town near Mers for example."

Galahad nodded and responded.

"That is indeed true but on the other hand in this deal, I need to get something. I don't need a steward I have one the same applies for a diplomat. What is my gain by getting you under my employment?"

Erfiadis responded simply.

"The aforementioned connections and my advisory abilities."

Galahad shook his head and responded.

"I don't trust you enough to make use of your connections and I don't how valuable they are. As for advising the previous issue rise up. Additionally, I am already well advised. I need something concrete that will make this worthwhile."

Erfiadis shook his head and responded.

"I have nothing else that can be of use."

Galahad nodded and responded.

"Then I am sorry but I need to decline your offer. Karlos please escort Magos Erfiadis out."

Karlos nodded and quickly both Karlos and Erfiadis had left the hall.

After about half an hour Karlos returned.

Galahad then asked.

"Do you think my decision was correct?"

Karlos thought for a moment before responding.

"In one hand he was a liability but on the other hand, he had significant connections and owns a percentage of the trade post. In short, he would be useful to have under your employ but also a hidden dagger in our midst."

Galahad nodded and responded.

"Indeed I think the same thing and this time I decided to be cautious. Especially now that I would be away for such a long time a man like him would be too much of a risk."

Karlos nodded.

Galahad then looked back at him and asked.

"So how many refugees this time?"

Karlos made an akward smile and responded.

"Another hundred."

Galahad sighed and said.

"This is getting out of hand. Any ideas?"

Karlos nodded and said.

"Well, sire the bad news is that if the numbers continue like that with the batch of the next week our wheat supply will only last for ten months. While our Ale supply for five. At this point, our population has a lot of women and children and much fewer men. In two months time, we will have even less."

Galahad sighed and asked.

"Is the copper tank ready?"

Karlos nodded and said.

"It is Sire, Nicolas and George will start the enchanting process tomorrow."

Galahad nodded and said.

"Good, When they are finished, We will have the two priests do a ceremony wishing for healthy water. I will also have the first drink. On the other hand, we will need more farmland and my fief is reaching it is limits soon the forest around it will technically belong to the crown. Which means I will need to purchase more land."

Karlos nodded and said

"Sire if you will. Why don't you make Galahads tower the center of a village? You can make your first knight that way. It is an easy solution."

Galahad nodded and responded.

"While this could be a solution we need someone to become a knight. Honestly, I can't think of anyone Boris and Martin are needed. George is technically a criminal. All the other major figures here are either criminals or workmen. And I require Theodore to be by my side and the same applies to you Karlos. Nickolas would be the easy solution but Nickolas can't be knighted. Because he has honorable deeds under his name. Only the king could do such a thing. Who then ?"

Karlos thought for a moment and responded.

"I do actually have someone in mind. The most capable member of your entourage. When it comes to forests. Mister Ludwig."

Galahad thought for a while and said.

"Hm yeah, Ludwig could do he can technically have a heroic deed in the shape of the battle for Highkeep and is physically fit. But he would never wear armor and go into battle on horseback."

Karlos nodded and said.

"The fact that this region is so far away from conflict must have helped you create this false image of knights. Not all knights are front line fighter. While yes it is true most of them are especially those from knightly families. But occasionally gifted commoners get knighted and some are raised from the ranks of bowmen. As such most of them continue to use the weapon which they are skilled in using."

Galahad nodded and said.

"I understand your point. But that means that I can't take him with me. On the trip"

Karlos nodded and said.

"This is indeed unfortunate but he could perhaps suggest another skilled hunter that could come with you. Maybe one of the Exoristoi? I mean from what I have heard you still haven't picked your bodyguards."

Galahad nodded and said.

"Hmm, indeed this could be a good idea. I will probably end up picking the scout and one of the guards. It is about time. Then it is decided, summon Ludwig we will need to talk about his ascension to knighthood."

After about half an hour Ludwig reached the great hall.

He entered the hall and bowed deeply.

Galahad motioned for him to stand back up

Ludwig stood back up and said.

"Greetings, Sire I would like to ask why did you call for me. Is it perhaps to report the current sightings in the forest?"

Galahad thought for a moment and responded.

"Yes, indeed please report anything of importance "

Ludwig nodded and said.

"In terms of hunting grounds, we need to always move outwards. Since the forest is shrinking so fast. Thanks to the quick expansion of the settlement. But at least the forest has come to relative stability after the migration but as it is not hunting season yet we don't need to worry about prey. So we are mostly acting as scouts and vermin killers thus far. No major goblin activity has been sighted but there are some strugglers here and there."

Galahad nodded and said.

"I see well done. Now I would like to ask you about any capable scouts besides yourself of course preferably an Exoristo or Exoristi?"

Ludwig thought for a while and said.

"Talenia Dentrathil she is one of our best hunters and scouts. For her, the forest is her second home. The only things she is lacking is a true killer instinct and truly great bow skills. But when it comes to tracking and scouting in rough terrain she is the best she is the elfkin after all."

Galahad nodded and said with a hint of skepticism.

"But she is a woman even if she is an elfkin and as we all know a woman's place is not the frontline."

Ludwig shrugged and responded.

"There is plenty of capable scouts Sire but none is as good as her. Additionally, a scout like her isn't normally in the frontline."

Galahad sighed and said.

"You know best, But I would also like to offer you a reward."

Ludwig raised his eyebrow and said.

"A reward you say? Sire, is it perhaps a new bow made from Macosalen wood?"

Galahad shook his head and responded

"I want to make you knight and have you take most of the refugees across to the other shore and establish a new settlement around the fire tower. So what do you have to say about my offer."

Ludwig was quite shocked and he responded.

"Sure Sire, I can do that, but why me?"

Galahad smiled and responded.

"Honestly you are the only man for the job. Your skillset makes you the perfect person to establish a truly frontier settlement."

Ludwig was deeply in thought and after about half a minute, he responded.

"I understand the reasons for having me be the one that establishes the new settlement. But why knight me? I mean I could just rule as your subordinate rather than a have the new settlement become my personal fief."

Galahad nodded and responded.

"Indeed that is a fair point. The reason is that the kingdom's bureaucracy requires every new settlement being newly established to be controlled by a knight. Knighting you is the obvious solution. After all, to become a knight there are just two requirements you must have done at least one heroic deed which you have and you need to be knighted by someone with the authority to do so and I do have the authority to knight one person as my subordinate"

Ludwig nodded and responded.

"I see. Then Sire then what am I supposed to do?"

Galahad smiled and said.

"In reality, you just need to decide three things. First, pick a name for the new settlement, choose wisely since your surname will be changed from your current one to von settlement name. Secondly, decide on your house's coat of arms. Thirdly you will need to pick your house's motto. That is about it. I would like you to inform me about your decisions tomorrow. After that, I will teach you the oath and then I will go and hire a scribe from Gragon to do the paperwork. After that, we will do the ceremony and order a signet ring. "

Ludwig nodded and said.

"Aye Sire. I will do so."

Galahad nodded and said.

"Dismissed I will wait for you tomorrow. Also, bring the elfkin over after I have officially knighted you I would prefer if I met her before I decided anything."

Ludwig nodded and then bowed before he exited the hall.

Galahad the turned back to Karlos

"I think he will make a decent vassal. He has led men before. But the issue is we really don't have the money to pay for anything I will buy him a signet ring it will cost about three whole gold coins and a new chain mail set from Eledor as it is customary. I will also need to think about buying more grain and ale."

Karlos smiled and responded.

"You know sire you can always trade when traveling to accrue some extra income and minimize your expenses."

Galahad shook his head and responded.

"You are well aware that it will reflect badly to me to trade like a common merchant."

Karlos smiled warmly and said.

"Indeed Sire I was aware. I was just trying to ascertain if you have knowledge about how to properly act. No offense but some of your beliefs are a bit out of fashion."

Galahad nodded his head and responded.

"I might not have great knowledge of the current way of thinking in the heartland but even I am aware of the big don'ts."

Karlos nodded and said.

"Indeed Sire, but I do have a solution. Just have Theodore do all of the trading."

Galahad nodded and said.

"Yeah that is a good solution and it should at least cover the costs of the trip. We might even make some profit. Any other news which you wish to discuss Karlos?"

Karlos shook his head and said.

"No, not really Sire. we are almost done with planting as well. Soon we should be able to focus all of our attention in properly building the fishermen's houses."

Galahad nodded and said.

"Those are good news. Soon we will make this fief unrecognizable. Karlos you are dismissed we will talk again tomorrow."

The next day Karlos and Ludwig stood before him.

Galahad looked at Ludwig and said.

"So have you decided?"

Ludwig nodded and said.

"I thought for a while and decided to name the settlement Ergon. After all, this has been my families name for generations. As for the crest, I decided on a bow and arrow in a green background. The families motto is we step first."

Galahad nodded and said.

"This is indeed good, I like how you decided to honor yourself and your family. Now let's talk about the oath remember those words and practice them.

I the honorable subject Ludwig Ergon. Vow to protect the meek and strike the wicked.

I the honorable subject Ludwig Ergon. Vow to enforce the Law of the King and the Law Of Gods.

I the honorable subject Ludwig Ergon. Vow to safeguard the realm and my liege.

I the honorable subject Ludwig Ergon. Vow to defend my subjects and my fief.

I the honorable subject Ludwig Ergon. Vow to uphold the knight's honor and all that it entails.

So that is why I the honorable subject Ludwig Ergon ask his Highness Baronetcy Galahad von Highkeep to grand me knighthood so I may fulfill my oath."


Galahad then looked towards Karlos and said.

"Send a rider to request for a scribe from the guild. Tell them that their most senior scribe is required also inform Desmond the goldsmith about the signet ring's seal."

Karlos bowed and said.

"As you wish your lordship."

Karlos then exited the room.

Galahad then returned back to Ludwig and said.

"This is the main part of the oath but since you are establishing a new settlement there is a second part. This part will be spoken towards the scribe rather than me. Please memorize it too.

I Sir Ludwig Ergon has come to petition thy king to grant me thy honor. Of the establishment of the settlement of Ergon across the river Ptomar around the tower of fire. So I may expand the realm.

That is it, practice well. Tomorrow we shall hold the ceremony."

Ludwig bowed and said.

"I will do so Sire."

The next day inside the great hall. A black-haired maimed man in his early twenties stood and said with gravitas.

"Honorable subject Ludwig Ergon. Through your valorous efforts in the siege of Highkeep and the battle of Tolos and the show of unusual resolve at the face of danger. Thanks to your stout resolve you managed to help the survivors escape Highkeep and Led wisely in the battle of Tolos. For that, you shall be given the chance to take the Knight's oath. Do you accept?"

A swarthy man in his forties knelt his newly minted chain mail shining and clinging loudly at the movement. He then uttered grievously.

I the honorable subject Ludwig Ergon. Vow to protect the meek and strike the wicked.

I the honorable subject Ludwig Ergon. Vow to enforce the Law of the King and the Law Of Gods.

I the honorable subject Ludwig Ergon. Vow to safeguard the realm and my liege.

I the honorable subject Ludwig Ergon. Vow to defend my subjects and my fief.

I the honorable subject Ludwig Ergon. Vow to uphold the knight's honor and all that it entails.

So that is why I the honorable subject Ludwig Ergon ask his Highness Baronetcy Galahad von Highkeep to grand me knighthood so I may fulfill my oath."


Baronetcy Galahad von Highkeep then unsheathed his one-handed sword Volderion and lightly tapped the almost elderly hunter with it first over his right shoulder and then the left one. He then said solemnly.

"I Baronetcy Galahad von Highkeep with the power vested to me by the supreme ruler the king and the divine gods officially declare you a knight, Sir Ludwig you may now rise. You have been officially knighted."

Galahad then took a step backward and motioned to the elderly scribe to stand in front Ludwig.

Ludwig then knelt again and placed his hands on the floor before saying

"I Sir Ludwig Ergon has come to petition thy king to grant me the honor. Of the establishment of the settlement of Ergon across the river Ptomar around the tower of fire. So I may expand the realm."

The elderly scribe nodded deeply and motioned for Ludwig to rise. He then said with a gruff voice.

"I shall use thy pen and write to thy Realmer about thy request."

Sir Ludwig Ergon stood back up and the Elderly scribe left the room to go write down the knighting and Ludwig's request.

After the door closed Galahad stepped back in the front and said.

"Now we shall start the banquet to celebrate this joyous occasion"


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