My Wives are Goddesses
2 I“m back
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My Wives are Goddesses
Author :DragonSaint
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2 I“m back

@@Hey guys, I don't know how many of you still remember me, but I'm back in action, and this time for good!

I know I've never been a reliable author with all of my abrupt stops and breaks, writing various novels and not finishing even a single one of them.

But this time, I can say for sure, that it will be different.

I'm now back, and have restarted my writing career under the name - Ero_Saint.

Unlike before I'm not going to start off with multiple novels or anything, and instead wrote only a single novel, and see it to the end!

Also I no longer have any things such as exams or crap for at least 6 months, so I can promise you that the daily release will never stop! Unless something really really really bad and unexpected happens, in which case I'll in front you about it beforehand.

I hope you guys still trust me and will try out my latest and only ongoing novel - The Hentai System.

P.S - I still haven't forgotten about all of my previous novels, and just as I've said before sooner or later I'll put aside enough time to finish them one by one.



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