One hope is enough: a hidden passion
3 overview for the story
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One hope is enough: a hidden passion
Author :wangbessa
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3 overview for the story

@@was now 12 years since the last time she saw him she became a top actress, he was her saviour for him for her love to be accomplished, she disgusted as a mare assistant, his assistant.

Anna a foreign girl after her mother died, she finally got a chance to leave her miserable life in Brazil, her cruel father mistreated her and her mother, she was the top student in her class, she got the chance to leave the country, with her mother friend help, after going to China she mate her prince charming after helping her, she falls for him, she wanted to confess but it was too late he already travelled overboard.

After waiting for all of this period using her all her connections, all her efforts, but wait he is already in love with his childhood friend the marketing manager, what will happen is she going to succeed in her goal to persuade him

Anna: female lead a top actress and orphan, with a cold open-minded character

zhou Feng: the male lead handsome with playful character loved by everyone the second son in the Zhou family

zhou yiyi : the second female lead in love with the first son of the Zhou family, had been adopted by zhou alder

zhou Renshu: the first son of Zhou family and friend with Anna studied with her in college .



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