Strongest Pirate
24 End Of Arlong
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Strongest Pirate
Author :shashank_bhatt
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24 End Of Arlong

After taking care of Nezumi and the money Stuart didn't cared about them and he teleported away from there. Allowing the Marines to sigh in relief.

Stuart returned back to Nami's house and saw her waiting for him along with Nojiko and Genzo.

"Yo Nami, you won't have to worry about that captain Nezumi anymore" Stuart said as he looked at Nami who was hugging her sister Nojiko.

"Stuart what did you do!?" asked Nami.

"Nothing just the usual thing that a pirate dose when he sees a marine.... Ah- I almost forgot I took his treasure as well here I am sure he must have come from the bribe he received from Arlong and others maybe" Stuart replied while he waved his hand and a mountain of treasure appeared which could be approx 100 million berries.

Seeing the treasure Nami's eyes turned into berries and she jumped into his embrace kissing him on his lips right in front of Nojiko and Tenzo.

Stuart though surprised didn't forgot to return the favour as he hugged her body and kissed her back, his tounge entering her mouth wrapping her sweet tounge which had the taste on Tangerine.

"Cough cough" Tenzo coughed only after that did they reluctantly seperated. Nojiko who saw all this couldn't help but blush a little while she thought "Nami has become bold!!"

After returning to her senses she seperated from Stuart but she didn't feel embarrassed about it as she already thought herself as Stuart's women.

"Hmm.... Stuart where is Ussop!?" asked Nojiko.

"Ussop!! He is with the rest of the guys! They reached on conomi island when we were looking for them" Stuart replied.

"What!? Luffy and the others have already reached the island" asked Nani in shock.

"Don't worry Nami, they already know why you did what you did so they aren't angry at you but in Arlong-" Stuart stopped abruptly as he remembered that everything Luffy knew how Nami was treated.

"What happened Stuart!?" asked Nami.

"Well.... I think the guys may have gone and challenged Arlong by now" Stuart said
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"Wha-What!??""" shouted Nami, Nojiko and Tenzo at once.

Geez are you there trying to make me deaf or something, relax it's not like they would be easily defeated or something" Stuart said as he waved his hand saving the money back in his pocket dimension and with another flick of his finger all 4 of them disappeared from there.

In front of Arlong Park were a horde of people standing there looking at the destroyed Arlong Park along with almost all of its members lying on the ground.

Stuart, Nami, Nojiko and Tenzo appeared in front of the people abruptly.

"Whaa... Tenzo-san, Nami, Nojiko how did you appeared here" asked one of the citizen of the cocoyashi village.

But none if the three had the mind to answer his question as in front of them was the destroyed the Arlong Park that have been the Nightmare of their life.

"H-How did they do it!?" Nami asked as she saw out of all the fishmen only Arlong was currently standing while the rest were knocked out.

Luffy was currently facing against Arlong while Ussop, Sanji and Zoro were resting after the fight from exhaustion.

"Man they ended it fast!!?? How much time did I take to return" thought Stuart.


"Do you know the difference is between you and me?" asked Arlong from Luffy

"Noses!? Chins!? Oh The Webs" Luffy guessed.

"pfft... hahahaha Man that was hilarious Luffy hahahah..." Stuart laughed as he heard what Luffy said while the rest were tongue tied Stuart was really enjoying the show.

"IT IS OUR VERY RACE" Arlong said as he jumped towards Luffy trying to bite him.

Luffy dodged the bite continuesly jumping back until Arlong grabb hold of his neck and tried to bite him only for Luffy to pull his head away from him causing Arlong to bite the stone pillar breaking it into pieces.

Shocking everyone except Stuart who already knew this would happen.

After that the fight continued as Stuart remembered.

Even when Luffy used Arlong's teeth as his own was the same as he remembered making him laugh more.

"GOMU GOMU NO GATTLING GUN" shouted Luffy as he throwed a continues punches at Arlong throwing him inside the building of Arlong Park

After entering the building Luffy got to know about the room in which Nami lived and how he treated her making him angerier then before as he started destroying the furniture throwing the Map and destroyed the building with his "GOMU GOMU NO ONO" beating Arlong with it

Stuart hugged Nami by her back and patted her head helping her feel as better as he could.

"Nami you won't be facing anything like this ever again" Stuart said as he patted her head.

Nojiko who was by their side also felt bad for her sister and clenched her fists cursing her inability to help her.

"The Terror of Arlong has finally ended" shouted someone from the village as everyone else started to cheer.

"Finally this bastard has been dealt with" another one of the villages cheered and they started to dance cheering for Luffy and the Strawhat pirates.

Stuart was smiling as well but his eyes went towards the see where one Marine ship was aiming there Canon towards former Arlong Park.

Before Stuart could warm anyone the Marine ship fired the Canon cause of which Stuart had to jump forward and take on the canon which he did by cutting it into two with his sword.

"Waaa... This this!! Who is this guy!?" came a voice from the crowd but no one was in their right mind to even reply.

Though the most shocked of them was Zoro as he didn't knew that Stuart was at the stage where he could cut through steel.

"Now who the Fuck are they" thought Stuart as he had already dealt with Nezumi.

"Stuart let's go and beat those guys" came Luffy's voice as he started walking towards him.

"Hmm ... are you sure you will be able to deal with them" asked Stuart as he was sure that he could deal with them.

"Yes" came Luffy's reply.

Stuart smiled and sais"Then let's go and beat some Marines, Luffy!"


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