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Endless Desire

Endless Desire



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Endless Desire

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"Okay, I'm done with this!" Carl said with anger "Who do you think you are? Some kind of Aphrodite? Why would I want to impress a witch like you? Look, you might be pretty on the outside but you're hideous on the inside." He went very close to her face, staring deep into her eyes "you ain't shit!! And get that into your head that the world doesn't revolve around you." Anne raised her hand to slap Carl but he was quick enough to hold her hand just before it could land on his cheeks. “not today" he whispered as he let go of her and left with rage. ..................... "Carl, do you still love me?" Anne seriously asked Carl but he kept quiet. He didn't want to answer her question. Anne moved closer to Carl and clutch the collar of his shirt with both hands. "Do you still love me? ANSWER ME!!" Anne demanded. … Carl swiftly grabbed Anne and pinned her back to the wall. With his hands firmly on her shoulders, his eyes were fixed on her silver eyes with so much desire and determination. He couldn’t help but lock lips with her and kiss her passionately…. ** Endless Desire is a romantic story that tells the tale of a beautiful and hot-headed girl, Anne, and a filthy rich, sexy, charming man, Carl. They’re both lovers with insecurities but their love and desire for each other remain endless.

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